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I’m not weaving without it!


I really don’t need another hobby, especially a good one, since there are already not enough hours in the day to do all the things I love doing. But it was such a good deal. I got it at the Spinners and Weavers show – it was the only loom for sale, and it was singing out to me. I didn’t buy it right away because I needed to think it through and figure out how I would fit it into my apartment and so on. I decided I don’t really need the loveseat, and the loom is about the size of a loveseat. Brand new, a loom like this would cost about $1800, and I got it used for $150. My friend helped me move it and together we dragged this 95-pound loom up the three flights of stairs to my apartment.

So now I have a loom, and I have no idea how to weave. None. The course doesn’t start until March. In the meantime I’m going to read about weaving and I’m going to put my loveseat on Freecycle.

The picture is of me falling in love with the loom at the show. As soon as I sat down, I felt I was “one with the loom.”

Next I’m getting a spinning wheel and a sheep.

5 comments to I’m not weaving without it!

  • Too cool! I have thought weaving would be one of those things I’ve love to do. And I even fantasized about having a farm with sheep and a loom (and chickens and things) leading up to the big scare that was Y2K. Good thing nothing happened because I didn’t have the farm or anything. Good luck with the loom – I hope you have lots of fun with it.

  • The farm fantasy has a certain appeal, doesn’t it? A log house, a fire in the hearth, something wholesome bubbling in a pot on the stove, the aroma of homemade bread, a loom, a spinning wheel, some free range chickens, and a small flock of sheep.

    Nobody ever fantasizes about a cubicle…

  • Lyndon

    I am also contemplating getting a loom and spinning wheel. My partner and I have finally bought a house with a wonderful heated workshop in the back yard. I have been knitting for years, and have gotten over the stigma of a man who knits, because I love it so much and don’t really mind what people think anymore.

    Any ideas on where to find other men who knit?

    If not, then I would also be interested in getting to know more people in Ottawa who share my passion for textiles.

  • Lyndon…I know there are online clusters of men who knit, but I’m not sure about “real life.” Although, now that I think about it, I often see a man with three dogs in Yarn Forward on Bank Street. He’s a knitter…next time I see him, I’ll ask about it for you. Congratulations on the house, by the way…by all means, set up a loom in that heated workshop – get a sheep too!

  • ginny rivera

    Comment by Zoom – Ditto,Ditto, Ditto!!! A must do at a later time. I really want a loom too and plan to find one in future. Have fun!! Ginny