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My little corner of the Canadian federal election

I think I’ve decided who to vote for in next Monday’s election. I looked up the predictions for my riding, and was happy to see the NDP in the lead. It was one of those lightbulb moments: if I am happy to see the NDP in the lead, I should probably vote NDP, right? Screw the strategic voting strategy – it’s only one vote, how strategically can I place it? Besides, why not just let the Conservatives get their majority, do their worst, and destroy their future chances of ever gettting elected again….maybe that’s better than having them half-way in with a minority, unable to reveal their true colours, and leading people to the false conclusion that they’re not so scary after all.

Here’s my riding:

Ottawa Centre:

  • Liberal 31.4%
  • Conservative 23.5%
  • New Democratic Party 35.0%
  • Bloc 0.0%
  • Green 8.7%
  • Other 1.4%

You can check your own riding here.

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