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Ringing in the New Year with people who have done it a hundred times

Well…Christmas is over, New Years is done, the houseguests have left, and I’m almost finished tidying the whole mess away.

I haven’t been feeling well – some kind of mild stomach virus that lasts over a week – so I haven’t had much energy to do anything very interesting.

However, I did put on my party pants and go out on New Years Eve – to a senior citizens’ home. I took photos of the residents celebrating New Years. They really know how to ring in the new year too – they move all the clocks ahead, so they’re doing the big countdown at 8:15 instead of midnight. That way they can party and celebrate and still be in bed by 9:00. I thought it was a brilliant idea, especially since I was feeling about 85 years old myself that night. Besides, some of these people have rung in the new year a hundred times already, so they must know what they’re doing by now.

I’m making the residents a video of the photos I took, using software called Memories on TV. It lets me burn my photos to a CD or DVD (a slide show with panning, zooming and cool effects, and set to music – in this case, Auld Lang Syne), which can be watched on TV. I’ve made a few now, and people seem to really like them.

4 comments to Ringing in the New Year with people who have done it a hundred times

  • Whoa! I love your template.

    What an awesome way to spend New Years.I love that they turn the clocks ahead and are in bed by 9:00. I really enjoyed this post. It was humorous and well written.

  • Thanks Paula – I think that clock-ahead thing might catch on, what with the aging of the population and all!

  • Dakota

    Great post Zoom! I love the story, the pictures and the idea of the video. I’m going to check out the Memories on TV software, creating something with it sounds like fun :)

  • Thanks Dakota. This project actually inspired me to buy and install a dvd writer last night, to replace my cd writer, since the quality of Memories on TV dvds is higher. Now I just need to figure out how to restore sound to my computer…I seem to have disconnected it somehow while installing the burner.