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Give Cheney a break

Who else thinks the media is making entirely too much of Dick Cheney accidentally shooting his buddy in the face? It was only a 78-year-old lawyer, after all, who didn’t even bother to announce his arrival. If the guy didn’t want to be shot, he should have said something. And big deal that Cheney didn’t bother to buy a hunting license. He’s a busy man; he shouldn’t have to trouble himself with minor details like the law. He’s got a very stressful job. The guy needs more opportunities to unload unwind. He should be encouraged to hunt more often. After all, practice makes perfect. Maybe he could even take Bush along on his next hunting trip.


Willeford told The Dallas Morning News: “This is something that unfortunately was a bad accident and when you’re with a group like that, he’s safe or safer than all the rest of us,” she said.

Well obviously the most inept hunter is the safest person in the group. They’re less likely to shoot his face than he is to shoot their faces.

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