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Operation Budgie Rescue

Remember the other day I wrote about selling two of my budgies? Well…last night I was perusing the same buy & sell board, and I came across an ad in which Mandy, the woman who bought my budgies, was trying to sell one of them. She said her mastiff didn’t welcome him. There was a picture of the cage, with Jazz in it – but Calypso was nowhere in sight. I emailed her and asked her what happened to the other bird.

She wrote me back the ugliest, nastiest email I’ve ever received in my life, saying that I traumatized her wife because my flooors were covered in dead rodents and my dog was starving and she was going to report me to the Humane Society and I sold her crap because the $!%^ bird never shuts up. (This probably goes without saying, but my floors are NOT covered with dead rodents , my dog is not starving and I did NOT traumatize her wife. But Jazz is kind of on the noisy side.)

I was so shocked and horrified I couldn’t sleep all night. This nutcase has my name, address, phone number, and email address. She also has my bird(s). I suspect one of them is already dead. I asked a friend to try to buy Jazz back today, but so far she’s not answering her phone.

UPDATE: She answered her phone and Ken is on his way over there now!


Look who’s home:
Jazz! He and Tango and Blues were so happy to be reuinted, they sat there rubbing their heads together and kissing and making little noises. Jazz has told and re-told his adventure story fifty times, but I can’t understand what he’s saying. Meanwhile, the other birds have finally tucked their heads under their wings, and Jazz is still yammering away at the mirror.

Sadly, Ken said there was no sign of Calypso at the nutcase’s house. (Even sadder, she is raising a child.) The only thing that gave me any hope for Calypso still being alive is that Jazz and the cage were returned but the swing and the rope perch were missing. Why would she want those things if she didn’t have a bird? I hope Calypso is sitting on his swing…and I hope he starts squawking too much and she puts him up for sale.

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