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I’ve moved, unpacked just about everything essential to everyday life, arranged the furniture (more or less) and hooked up the computer, tv and stereo. I’m so happy. I love my new place and my life no longer revolves around moving. Now I can unpack a few boxes a day and get back to doing more of the things I enjoy, like knitting, photography, playing guitar and blogging.

I lent my old apartment (next door) to homeless Dave X, of the Dave X Change Challenge, until March 1. He gets a warm place to sleep during a cold snap, and in exchange, he’s cleaning it up for me. There’s nothing like moving out of a place to make you realize what a terrible housekeeper you are. After you get all the furniture out, all that’s left is dog hair and bird feathers wrapped up in spider webs. Anyway, Dave found 20 pennies in the bedroom closet. He offered to split it with me. He’s up to $44.69 now, and my 22 co-workers and I are at $6.35.

I popped into the old place yesterday to get my can opener, and Dave was doing his laundry in the bathroom sink, vacuuming the living room, and looking forward to his first bath in several months. He assured me he wouldn’t walk around naked, since he doesn’t have curtains and I can see into all his windows from my place. So neighbourly of him.

3 comments to Moved!

  • Dakota

    There’s no place like home……. Congratulations on your new Home!
    Great idea to lend you old place to Dave :)

    Oh and I came across this “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life”. Something to think about 😉

  • I was about to prod you for an update on the Dave X Challenge. Held back because of your move and the dog dementia.

  • […] I feel in some ways my life is going round in circles or cycles, but in other ways it’s branching out into interesting new territory. I’ve been pretty busy lately with packing (I’m up to 81 packed boxes now, and still going strong), so I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. Nevertheless, I could point you towards previous blog entries that seem to be echoing current themes in my life. For example, I’m packing and moving just like I packed and moved last February. Homeless Dave X will be living in my vacant apartment for the last 8 days of the month, just like he did last February, in return for cleaning it. I have another mouse in the house (remember the capture and domestication and liberation of Frankie?). […]