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The axe falls

Today was Layoff Day at work. I wore my lucky underpants and carried my lucky stone in my pocket. Half the staff got laid off – I dodged the bullet again. I’ve watched this organization go from 44 people down to 11 since I started working here. I’ve seen a lot of good people come and go. The one thing all the people who got laid off over the years had in common is they didn’t have Lucky Underpants.

3 comments to The axe falls

  • Dakota

    Wow… that is good news and sad news. Good news (hooray!) because you get to stay and sad (boohoo) news because you have to watch all those good people go (again).
    Hooray for lucky underpants and lucky stones.

    Hmm… I guess those people at least know which underpants are not the lucky ones :(

  • Glad to hear the pants worked!

  • Thanks Dakota and Julia. It was a very tough day at the office today…we were all in the kitchen crying, even those of us who were lucky enough to keep our jobs. We’re losing some incredible people who have contributed a lot over the years. It’s a bit scary to imagine how the organization will go forward without some of them.