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Things I didn’t do this weekend

Ahh, a leisurely long weekend…and a 24-item to-do list. Wanna see it?

  • Put shelves up
  • Roast turkey
  • Have James & Tara over for dinner
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Make turkey soup
  • Unpack cameras
  • Unpack dags
  • Hang some pictures
  • Do my 2004 taxes
  • Do web work for client
  • Do flash charts for work
  • Run
  • Plant seeds: chives, thyme, flowering cabbage and morning glories
  • Plant avocado
  • Call Stuart
  • Email Mike
  • Email Sherrie
  • Blog
  • Pay bills
  • Knit to heel of sock
  • Call Rebecca
  • Call Jane
  • Call Mom
  • Email Henry

So…I put the shelves up, roasted the turkey, did the grocery shopping, had James & Tara over for dinner, made a turkey soup, unpacked the cameras and dags, hung some pictures, did the work for the client, went for a run, planted the seeds and the avocado, wrote to Mike, and called Jane and Mom. I did a few other things that weren’t on the list too, like cleaning the kitchen after all that cooking. I tried to do the flash charts but discovered I don’t have a registered version of the software at home. I also tried to do my 2004 taxes but it turns out you can’t use the simple form – which is the only form I have – if you made a political contribution. But I got the paperwork organized, which was a significant contribution to the goal.

Impressive list, right? Right. So why do I feel guilty about the undone items on the list? Even more intriguing: why do I feel guilty about feeling guilty about the undone items on the list?

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Motivated by a desire to alleviate those niggly guilt feelings, I caught up on emails and phone calls, paid the bills, hung some more pictures, knit past the heel of the sock, and blogged. Now instead of feeling guilty about the undone things, I’m feeling a little guilty about how much money I’ve spent in the last little while. I had to take a deep breath before I pushed the button that pays off my Mastercard. But most of it was moving-related expenses and demented-dog vet bills. New furniture is moving-related, right?

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