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Blog Spam

I’ve got my blog set so that all comments from first-time commenters are moderated. The VAST majority of comments I receive are spam: mostly gambling, stock and pharmaceutical advertising. I’m deleting about 30 comments a day from spammers. Is it just me, or are the rest of you inundated with spam blog-comments too?

4 comments to Blog Spam

  • Not me, I get one every few days. My blog must be not famous enough.

  • I’m sure it has nothing to do with fame Dave…my blog has about 3 faithful readers (and thank you to all three of you). I wonder if it’s a WordPress thing? Maybe Blogger has more built-in protection.

  • On Blogger, I started getting spam so I activated the word verifcation thingy and haven’t got any since. Now, I have noticed that Blogger has improved its word verification by making it audible for those of us who have a hard time making out the wiggly letters. Cool.

  • Hmm. I should see if WordPress has a word verification thing. Thanks for the suggestion Julia!