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Internet Explorer 7 broke my blog

I just realized my blog looks like a pile of crap in IE 7. I don’t have time to fix it right now, but I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

After messing around with the templates and the coding and getting nowhere, I did a little research and discovered that the Benevolence theme (I use a modified version of it) is not XHTML strict compliant and will not work with IE7. So…I guess I need a new theme. I might as well upgrade to the latest version of WordPress while I’m at it. I’ll be messing with it this weekend.

5 comments to Internet Explorer 7 broke my blog

  • Gillian

    I guess PCers use IE , but I use Camino or firefox on the Mac. Looks fine.
    Are you packing yet?

  • Hi Gillian – No, I haven’t started packing yet. Getting boxes is definitely on the To-Do list though. My last move took 72 boxes and if I’d known I was going to move again in 7 months, I a) wouldn’t have given away the boxes and b) wouldn’t have unpacked! Ah well.

  • Dakota

    I don’t use IE, so everything looks fine to me :)

  • Another Firefox user here. I’ve checked out your site under both Firefox for Windoze and Firefox on Linux – both are great. Gotta give it to Microsoft, they are always the first out to trash web pages under their new browsers.

  • Thanks for the feedback, all you smart firefoxers. It works in IE6 too, just not 7. I think a lot of the CSS workarounds that people used over the last few years were because IE6 didn’t always interpret CSS according to the rules, so people had to bend the rules to make it look ok in IE. Now Microsoft is finally adhering to the rules, so all the bending is breaking. That’s my theory anyway.