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Magic Buttons & Theme Switches

UPDATE: I’ve upgraded WordPress, switched themes and fixed the comments problem. As far as I can tell, the only outstanding issue is the Dave X Change Challenge Flash Charts. I’ll fix that later, but right now I’m going to celebrate.  (If you happen to run across anything else that isn’t working properly, or if you have ideas for improvements, kindly let me know. Thanks.)

 Last night I switched to the WordPress theme fHeaavn, and made a few modifications so the sheep would migrate with us. I also attempted to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, but I’m a few versions behind so that’s going to be a little more complicated than simply pushing the upgrade button.

At any rate, I was quite pleased with the theme conversion until this morning when I realized that comments aren’t being displayed in the new theme. You put in your comment and all that gets displayed is your name. The comments ARE being collected, however, because when I switched back to the old theme, those missing comments displayed just fine.

I’ve looked in the style sheet to make sure nothing obviously stupid is going on there, like white text on a white background. As far as I can tell, everything looks okay. I googled the problem and didn’t come across anybody else reporting an identical issue with the fHeaavn theme. So I’m wishfully thinking the WordPress upgrade might magically and mysteriously make my problem go away.

Don’t you wish there was a big green button on the wall labelled “FIX PROBLEM” and no matter what your problem was, it would be resolved by pushing the magic button? It could be installed right beside a big red “TROUBLE” button; every time the Trouble button starts flashing you just push the Fix button. Life should also have an “UNDO” button, like software does. If you do something immediately regrettable, you should get a second chance.

Ah well. I’ve switched back to the old theme. I’ll try to get to the upgrade this afternoon, and then I’ll switch back to the new theme and see what happens. In the meantime, if anybody just happens to know what the problem is and how to fix it, please let me know.

3 comments to Magic Buttons & Theme Switches

  • Dakota

    Oh, you are back to your old self again. I saw the new theme this morning and I really liked it. Such a shame it doesn’t work properly right now, but you are one smart cookie….you’ll figure it out! :)

    I love the whole button idea; it’s a pity that it doesn’t exist in real life. Life would be a lot less complicated. On the other hand, without the buttons we have to be creative and I kind of like that too. Life would be less interesting if all was solved with the push of a button.

  • Still working on it Dakota – thanks for the encouragement! 😉