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Partying with some real party animals!

Is it any wonder I love my neighbourhood? Where else could you get all these dogs and people to show up for your dog’s birthday party?

The gang

Here’s Sam, the amazing 100-year-old birthday dog:

Sam the birthday dog

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a cake. I’ve heard of people jumping out of cakes, but I learned that if you’re not very, very vigilant, dogs will jump INTO the cake.

Birthday cake

The guests were like whirling dervishes, and many of the photographs were just a blur of canine energy, but a few of them slowed down enough for a quick snapshot:

This is Tofu, wriggling but not running:


And Deisel, who is just naturally mellow:


And London, who is very well trained:


Even a few kids turned up (side down):


It was quite the party, with lots of humping and at least one threesome:

Bubba and friends

Rob offered to be the megaphone and organize the dogs and people for the group photo. (Don’t try this at home: Rob’s a trained professional.)

Party animals

Thanks to James for carrying stuff, Tara for taking pictures, Inta for the doggy treats, and all my neighbours and neighbourhood dogs for showing up and making Sam’s 100th birthday special and memorable! It was crazy, but it was fun.

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