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Luck? Karma? Poetic justice?

Today I got home from work and found another envelope in my mailbox from the Family Responsibility Office of the Government of Ontario. Not that I’m a pessimist or anything, but my first thought was “Uh oh, that big fat cheque they sent me last week was a clerical error, and now they want it back.” (By the way, I put the big fat cheque into a cashable GIC a couple of days ago, while I think about what I’m going to do with it.)

So I opened the envelope, and guess what?? It was ANOTHER big fat cheque! More child support! Altogether, between the two cheques, I’ve received over $9,000 in child support in the past week. He still owes me about $7,000, but this is all money that I never ever expected to get. Ever. I never even thought this money existed, let alone that it would ever find its way to me.

The timing seems divinely inspired, since I bought my first house a couple of weeks ago, and had to dig deeply into my RRSP to do it. This money I’m unexpectedly getting now is an ancient, long-forgotten child support debt from the 80s and 90s. I don’t believe in God, but I’m starting to believe in karma.

Poor John though. I guess I’ll buy him TWO Stellas next time I see him. :)

6 comments to Luck? Karma? Poetic justice?

  • Gillian

    Good for you! If you can do without it, I’d put it against the mortgage. Power on.

  • kat

    A nicely timed windfall and a bit of security for you and your son.

  • That’s wonderful. It is reassuring to know that sometimes the system really works. (Slowly, but working.. ;o)

  • You might want to check if you have to pay income tax on this money – I fear it may fall into the “income” category. You can actually call Revenue Canada and ask them (you don’t need to identify yourself – just ask as a hypothetical), instead of trying to find out with info pamphlets and what-not. Nothing worse than planning to do something with the money and then finding you have to pay 30% of it in tax next April. Gag. (So says the twice-stung voice of wisdom.)

  • Ew. Good point.

    One I picked up on, having read the fine print on the new $100 child care benefit I now receive for each of my two children.

    Big stinking help that is–more taxable income..

  • Yeah, that’s an excellent point Julia. I won’t count my chickens until they’re hatched.