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The 2007 Bloggies

I attempted to do my civic duty as a responsible member of the blogging community today by voting in the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards (aka The 2007 Bloggies).

The contest consists of 30 categories of blogs, with five finalists in each category. That’s 150 blogs. I visited a LOT of them.

As I visited each blog in each category of interest (I admit I skipped a few, like Best Sports Weblog, and Best Computers or Technology Weblog and Best Teen Weblog), I kept a list of my favourites so I wouldn’t forget which ones to vote for. (My short-term memory works much better when I write things down, which of course then renders the written notes unnecessary, but oh well.)

Finally, with my list in hand, I scrolled around the site looking for the ballot. It turns out I should have written down the contest date, because voting ended YESTERDAY, damn it. Who holds an election on Groundhog Day? Don’t they know people are too busy celebrating to vote?

(But all is not lost. I did add a few of my favourites to the links over there in the sidebar.)

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