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Ten things I won’t miss when my dog dies

Sam’s 14 years and 8 months old now, and I doubt very much he’ll make it to 15. The increased dosage of Clomicalm (the anti-anxiety drug) does not appear to be keeping up with his escalating dementia. He’s having a lot of rough evenings and nights, although he’s still pretty good during the day.

I’ve been preparing myself for the inevitable for quite some time now. I know it’s morbid and not very nice, but one of the ways I prepare myself is by thinking about what I WON’T miss about him when he’s dead.

Things I won’t miss:

  • Having to take him outside in brutal weather
  • Trying to find a dogsitter when I go out of town
  • Clouds of fur and muddy pawprints everywhere
  • That doggy smell
  • Cleaning his tumour
  • Picking up dogshit (especially in the house)
  • His anxiety attacks
  • Shovelling money at the vet
  • Cleaning his blood off the walls and floors
  • Watching him deteriorate

On the other hand, there are things I will miss about him when he’s gone:

  • Being greeted with pure enthusiasm when I get home
  • Watching him run like a puppy at the park
  • Pulling out clumps of his undercoat during shedding season (I know that’s weird, but I do like doing it)
  • His facial expression when he’s happy
  • His love of cheese
  • The way he insists on having his paw on top when we shake paws
  • The way he tilts his head and furrows his brow when he’s trying to figure me out
  • Watching him roll in the snow
  • The way his face looks after he plunges it into fresh snow
  • Waking up to find him curled up in a cozy ball on his duvet
  • His zen-like delight in life’s simple pleasures

There are other things too, but I already miss them because they’ve been gone for awhile.

For example:

  • His absolute responsiveness to me
  • His keen sense of hearing
  • His intelligence
  • His communication skills
  • His powers of observation
  • His phenomenal speed and agility
  • His watchdog instincts
  • His sense of humour
  • His cheese ESP
  • His easy-going nature
  • His house-brokenness

Update: While I was writing this, he was sleeping on the floor beside me. I had an urge to pull clumps of fur out of his undercoat, so I sat down on the floor and busied myself with that for awhile. He gazed adoringly at me for a few minutes, then dozed off again while I continued. I pulled enough clumps of fur out of his undercoat to furnish a whole other dog. It was so peaceful and pleasant, and I was gently pulling out the clumps and thinking how much I was going to miss our quiet clump-pulling times. And then he shit. Right then and there. In his sleep. It’s the first time he’s ever done that; I hope it’s not the start of something new. If it is, I am not going to miss that when he dies.

6 comments to Ten things I won’t miss when my dog dies

  • Gillian

    You’re amazingly patient with him. Where’s the vet? Do you take Sam by bus? I know I’ll miss mine when he goes. Take care of yourself.

  • Deb

    Let me know if you need support when you take him…I will be there for you, if you need me.

  • Gillian, the only way I could bring Sam on a bus is if I could convince the bus driver that I’m blind! (The vet’s at Hampton Park – it’s about a half hour walk. Sam loves going to the vet, except for the vet part.)

    Thanks Deb, but I think I’ll go alone when the time comes. But I really appreciate the offer, and if I change my mind I’ll let you know.

  • You had me at the point of tears and then cracked me up lol at the last…bitter sweet is the love we give….Diane

  • Thanks Diane, and welcome to my blog. I’m always happy to know I cheered someone up after taking them to the brink of tears. :)