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The ill-fated trip

My son and his girlfriend have been preparing for a 4-day trip to Vegas, which involved getting a passport, working overtime, conducting research into gambling techniques, and recruiting me to look after their cats, Charles, Zeke and Ali.

Unfortunately their departure coincided with the biggest winter storm of the year, and their flight was cancelled. They scheduled another one for later in the day – it too was cancelled. They scheduled another one for the next morning: it was delayed by hours, which meant they would have missed their connecting flight. They made several trips to the airport, but never got out of Ottawa.

Sadly, their luggage did manage to go somewhere. Nobody knows where. Not only that, but there was a mix-up in the luggage ticket system, and they were issued two tickets for their only piece of luggage, and nobody seems to know which ticket is the ‘real’ one, which apparently makes it harder for the airline to track the wayward luggage.

It was supposed to be James’ first vacation ever. They were going to stay at the MGM Hotel, which has real lions in the lobby (“They don’t actually live there,” he said reassuringly, “They live on a sanctuary during a day and visit the hotel at night.”)

James and Tara are disappointed about their lost vacation, and worried about their lost luggage. If you happen to see a great big baby blue suitcase going round and round on a carousel at some airport somewhere in the world, please let me know. (I hope it doesn’t end up in Alabama.)

I feel bad for them. I dropped their keys off on Friday night, along with some tequila and a lottery ticket. It’s not Vegas, but at least they’ve got free booze and a shot at some better luck.

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