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Zoom’s Helpful Household Tips

1) There is a right-side-up and an upside-down to your oven rack. That bar that goes across the centre of the rack should be facing down, rather than facing up where it will create a bump across the middle of your oven rack.

Leaning tower of cake2) If you ever bake a layer cake and one of the layers comes out lopsided because it was sitting on the bar of your upside-down oven rack, don’t think you can hide it underneath the perfect layer and fill in the gap with extra icing. It doesn’t work. Put the lopsided layer on top.

The PPRA Dessert Party is today. Come check out my Leaning Tower of Cake!

PPRA Dessert Party

1 comment to Zoom’s Helpful Household Tips

  • In lopsided layer cakes, I just cut the angle flush and eat the “straightening bit”.

    Thanks for saying about the racks. I have little faith that I’ll remember but maybe it’s going in somewhere eventually retrievable in the noggin.