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Blizzard’s still blowin’

I think Ottawa must have struck a nerve with Christina Blizzard, given that she felt it necessary to write a second column defending her right to write the first column.

Apparently she got ‘countless’ e-mails from people who agreed with her. (This on the heels of having witnessed ‘countless’ people sitting around downtown Ottawa smoking crack in broad daylight.)

In her new column, she says that people who work in the National Defence Building seem to be under siege by crack addicts. No kidding? You’d think they’d be a little embarassed to admit that, being National Defence and all. But then again, you’d think a columnist might be a little embarassed to admit she can’t count very high.

(By the way, my original post about Blizzard’s original column was featured over at No Excuse: The Poverty Project Blog, and Bill described it as ‘the most gentle evisceration’ he’d seen in a long time. I love that. I tried to stay gentle this time too, and I apologize in advance for the hint of sarcasm that snuck in here.)

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