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Homeless Snooze

Gathering for a nap I went to the Homelessness Action’s “Lunch and a Nap with Mayor Lar” today.

Hmmm. I’m kind of torn about what to say here. I like these people, I applaud them for tackling this issue, and I support their cause. But in my humble opinion, they need to get a bit more organized and learn a little more about how to run an event. I say this because the event lacked momentum. People did show up, but I think most left quickly because it appeared nothing was happening. And that’s because, well…how can I put this? Nothing was happening. The nap, I’m afraid, was a bit of a snooze.

There was lunch, but nobody pointed it out and I didn’t see many people eating.

Lunch is served

This homeless doll kind of freaked me out.

homeless doll

The Raging Grannies I was happy the Raging Grannies arrived, first because I love them and second because their very presence creates some energy. They added some colour and music and a much-needed focal point.

Larry didn't come swaggering out Unfortunately Mayor Larry O’Brien didn’t come swaggering out for his afternoon nap. It was reported he was upstairs in that room behind the closed blinds, with 19 other mayors from across Ontario. And they weren’t talking about building affordable housing for the homeless.

DilbertI’ve been trying to figure out why this event was billed as an afternoon nap with the mayor. I should have asked while I was there, but I didn’t think of it. Perhaps it was inspired by this Dilbert comic. (Or maybe not. Maybe homeless people don’t find Dilbert all that amusing. I’ve been told engineers don’t either.)

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