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The Parliament Hill Cat Colony

The Parliament Hill Stray Cat Colony is my very favourite tourist attraction in Ottawa. I was up there yesterday at lunchtime, visiting the cats, raccoons, groundhogs, squirrels and horses.

The Parliament Hill Cat Colony

The Parliament Hill Not-Cats

Not So Sure

One Fat Groundhog

Ike, The Parliament Hill HorseThis is Ike. He’s a 17-year-old horse who retired from the RCMP’s Musical Ride and now works as a tourist attraction on Parliament Hill. On the front page of today’s Citizen they said that due to some confusing controversy, the Mounties will no longer be riding horses on Parliament Hill. Instead, they’ll be riding them in a small pen over by the Stray Cat Colony, which is where I saw Ike yesterday.

As you can see, Ike has a maple leaf on his butt, and the Parliament Hill Stray Cat Colony has its very own blog.

5 comments to The Parliament Hill Cat Colony

  • Greencolander

    OMG, that’s the biggest groundhog I’ve ever seen! It’s GINORMOUS!

  • techwood

    That’s great – I never new it existed – now I want to go see it. What I find amazing is that the ground hog and raccoon have integrated with the feline population well enough to not be fighting.

    Very cute! Where on the hill is it?

  • boo

    cor, i love cats :o)

  • GC, the groundhog does appear to be adequately fed. I have seen one fatter groundhog: his name was Walter, he lived with my mother, and he had breasts.

    TW, if you’re standing on the Peace Tower lawn, looking at the Peace Tower, go behind that set of buildings to the left. It’s tucked right in there. You can’t miss it. You’ll love it.

  • Em

    Ah! I love that place. I’m so happy that it exists.
    I always drop off a couple dollars when I leave.