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Training, Eggplants, and Where is Life is Everywhere?

This post is just a little hodgepodge of things.

1) Have any of you ever had any training from a company called Eliquo in Ottawa? I’m looking for high quality Dreamweaver CS3 training. If you’ve ever taken a course (Dreamweaver or anything else) from Eliquo, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about them. Also, if there are other training firms in town that you have opinions about, please let me know. You can leave your comments in the comments or email me at soozoom(at)

2) Hartman’s YIG at Bank and Somerset is advertising half a bushel of eggplants for $7.99. How’s that for a sale, eh? Just what I always wanted, half a bushel of eggplants.

3) Life is No Longer Everywhere.

Remember this local blogging community project?

Life is Everywhere

My contribution looks like this now:

Life is NOT Everywhere Anymore

5 comments to Training, Eggplants, and Where is Life is Everywhere?

  • Deb

    What does one do with Eggplant…I bought one and left it in the crisper till it was time to throw it out…any suggestions?

  • I grilled a slice of one once and put it in a sandwich. Then I put the rest of it in the crisper and left it there til it was time to throw it out. After that I waited a couple of weeks, hoping it would somehow get more edible, and then I threw it out.

  • Gillian

    You make a Greek recipe called moussaka with ground beef or lamb, or even a vegetarian version. Search online. Eggplant absorbs fat like a sponge so you don’t want to fry it, rather steam it and then finish it up somehow else. It always has to be peeled as the skin contains a lot of bitter flavour.

  • I put eggplant in almost everything I cook these days and I wouldn’t dream of peeling it.

    If it is bitter, it probably hasn’t been cooked enough.

    If I am cooking it on the stove (either a stirfry or a pot of sauce, chili or stew), I either pre-bake large chunks in the oven, or cut it into very small pieces.

    In the oven, the 1.5 to 2 hours my Easy Oven Thing takes, makes the eggplant the perfect soft and tasty consistency.

    [You may want the bitter flavour, apparently it is caused by antioxidants: ]

  • Ohhh! I’d forgotten all about the Easy Oven Thing.

    And that’s a useful thing to know about the eggplant absorbing fat.

    I still don’t know what I’d do with half a bushel of eggplants though. Moussaka and Easy Oven Things don’t use that many, do they?