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Things that made me go wow

I’ve gathered a little collection of oddities from around the web for you this week.

1) This first one is an optical illusion right-brain-left-brain test. Is the lovely lady spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Which way is she turning?

If you see her spinning clockwise, then your creative right brain is dominant. If you see her spinning counter-clockwise, then your logical left brain is dominating.

(Personally, I find she changes directions every few seconds.)

(If anybody knows the original source of the spinning lady optical illusion, please let me know.)

Here you can take a more detailed left-brain-right-brain quiz.

2) This next web oddity rates 100 on the wow scale, but it comes with a word of caution: if you’re offended by freaky nudity, you’d better not click. (If you do click, however, make sure you cycle through all six pictures.)

Freaky Nude Thing

3) For those of you who chose to stay here instead of clicking over to that freaky nude thing, here’s a very sweet YouTube video of six-year-old Connie wowing Simon Cowell. I think she’ll wow you too. You might even cry.

B) And finally, a special bonus link to an excellent post by Dr. Dawg, entitled Life in Ottawa.

10 comments to Things that made me go wow

  • Nancy

    The spinny lady does change directions; but happily when I first saw her she was spinning clockwise.
    I that Connie video for the first time yesterday, and I did cry – perfectly sweet little girl. On tele, before a large live audience; but still a little kid.

  • I found it interesting that the girl only spun clockwise for me, although I managed to start seeing her go the other way once but only for a second. Over the many years that I’ve been me, I have exercised my left brain so much that in answering the questions on the quiz, I came out more left than right brain. But I have had more in-depth tests done that confirm I am right brain dominant.

  • Me, I’m pretty sure I’m left-brain dominant, although some tests show I’m equally balanced. (Hence, the difficulties with decision-making – I have to waffle while the two hemispheres duke it out.)

    Connie brought tears to my eyes too Nancy. I wasn’t going to admit it till someone else did. 😉

  • Deb

    I look away and it is different each time…more clockwise than counter…which surprised me.

    That is one detailed tattoo…right down to number 6…ouch.

  • Thanks for the song. Sweet voice!

  • grace

    I saw this at Pearl’s and I am absolutely right-brained: except for glances when I am far, far away from the computer screen. From the other end of our living space I can see counter clockwise movement for short amounts of time. Too, if I take the ‘teen’ right brain vs left brain test I am absolutely right-brained. I have only become a left-brained individual as an adult — eldest of nine children born in ten years and orphaned at 17. I think we have natural tendencies that may be tailored by necessity.

  • dirtwitch

    hmmm for me and Arrow she spun both ways for tyren only clockwise. cool!

  • Well, that Connie is unbelievable. I must admit, however, that I have my own favorite YouTube prodigy, who’s a little older, not much, but who writes and sings her own songs.

    As for left/right brain, I find the “lady” spins both ways equally for me. My confusion over creativity/logic is thus explained.

    One other thing: why are these tests always, ALWAYS designed depicting things like naked “ladies”? Why doesn’t anyone question this?

    I’m not suggesting a woman’s naked body(and pert and young and perfect like no one’s real body is or ever was)is something to be covered up or be disgusted by. But why? Why always the naked gal? I’d like to see a profile of a buff naked young guy once in awhile :)

  • the Chair

    For Harmony:

    Is he running forwards or backwards?

  • Harmony, if they used naked men to illustrate these things, lots of straight men wouldn’t click on them because they’d be afraid they’d look gay if they clicked on a naked guy. Women are less likely to harbor homophobic fears about ourselves.

    That’s my theory anyway. But I do like the Chair’s contribution.

    Grace – “natural tendencies that may be tailored by necessity.” Good point. I wonder if it’s better to have your natural tendencies reinforced by your environment, or to have your weaker side strengthened by your environment?