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Quick post, hot links

I don’t have time to write anything, so I’m just going to point you in several other directions today.

  • Nursemyra, of the Gimcrack Hospital (where the nurses are pretty and the doctors are pissed), provides intimate details on the thorny details of porcupine intimacy.
  • Miss Vicky has provided an excellent summary of Mayor Larry’s highly anticipated but anticlimatic budget speech.
  • Local blogger Julia Ringma has the Letter of the Day in today’s Citizen.
  • Megan’s got a wild hare up her ass about the Conservatives raising the age of consent. And I say that with the greatest admiration: it’s the best rant I’ve read in weeks.
  • Kelly Egan says don’t do it. I’m doing it this weekend.

3 comments to Quick post, hot links

  • thanks for the link zoomey….

    enjoy your weekend. hope the border crossing is easier than kelly’s

  • Kat

    Gotta tell you Zoom weekends are not the ideal for cross-border shopping. The best time is a weekday. I do Tuesdays and spend 5 minutes to get over and 6 minutes to return which includes paying my GST and PST at the kiosks!

  • Kat, good advice – I see by the time stamp that I was in the lineup at the border when you left this comment. 😉