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Antique Photos: Kids and Toys II

Last week I resurrected the Antique Photo of the Week feature, with a series of photos of children and their toys. Today I’m finishing that theme off and maybe next week we’ll ring in the new year with some post mortems or something.

This little Montreal girl does not look at all pleased to be getting her picture taken with her tea set and her dog. (As always, click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the image.)
Antique photo of a girl, a dog, a tea party

This little girl (or maybe it’s a little boy – sometimes very young boys were dressed as girls in Victorian times) is holding what appears to be a bat. Using a loupe to view the cap, I see that it says HMS Nelson on it, after Horatio. There’s probably an long-lost interesting story here. The photo was taken in Hamilton, Ontario, by W. Farmer.

Antique photo: girl with HMS Nelson cap

Just a girl and a doll, taken at the Gilbert Studio in Philadelphia.

Antique photo of a girl and doll

This is one of the few identified photos in my collection. Her name is Fedora Pottle, daughter of Ellen and Allen Pottle. Great name. Fedora Pottle. If I get a cat I might name it Fedora Pottle. Fedora Pottle’s photo was taken in Oakland, California, by F.O. Haussler, Fotografer.

Antique photo of Fedora Pottle and her doll

Here’s a close-up of Fedora Pottle’s doll.
Fedora Pottle's doll

I love how the children are holding hands in this photograph. Very sweet. But what’s most interesting about this photo is the object beside the little girl. I think it’s a toy of some sort, and I believe it’s got a picture of Queen Victoria on it. My grandfather, who grew up in Germany, told me that on the first day of kindergarten children were given these horn-shaped things that were filled with sweets. I wonder if it’s something like that?

Children with Queen Victoria toy?

I think it must be a toy or something because I can’t imagine parents asking that their children be photographed with a rolled up photo of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria toy?


2 comments to Antique Photos: Kids and Toys II

  • ow wow those photos are gorgeous.

    I love fedora pottle

  • Nancy Nielsen

    You’re not going to believe this but little Fedora is my step aunt. Her mom, Ellen B Pottle is married to my great grandfather, Second Marriage for each I think. Joseph Moore born in CT, to a mom and dad who helped establish Greeley Colorado, of Horace Greeley fame. I have no photos of this child. If I beg, may I copy this or might you send me a copy, or something? It would make a delightful addition to my family tree records. I would be happy to pay for the copy.
    Thanks for your help!! This is just amazing…
    Nancy Nielsen
    9625 E Center Ave
    Denver, CO 80247