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Duncan the Dogcat

DuncanI promise I’m not turning into a cat blogger, but please indulge me while I blog about my cat one more time.

He’s such a dog, this cat! Not only does he follow me everywhere but he licks my face! And you know how dogs shake their whole body when they’re wet? Every couple of hours this gigantic cat gives himself a gigantic shake! It’s very loud.

I was making some pudding last night, and the whole time I was standing by the stove stirring the pudding, the cat was lying at my feet, on his back, spread-eagled. That seems to be his favourite position when he’s not on my lap.

I made a bed for him beside my bed in case he wanted to sleep there. But he was in my bed before my head hit the pillow. He doesn’t sleep with the feet, he sleeps with the face. Any time I changed positions during the night, he changed positions. Sometimes he walked across my chest to get to the face. THUMP THUMP THUMP across my chest.

At 4:00 he woke me up for some extra cuddling. At 5:00 he woke me up for some grooming (he was grooming me, licking my face all around the hairline with his dry sandpaper tongue). At 6:00 he woke my hand up so it could pet him. At 7:00 he was purring ferociously in my ear. At 8:00 I had to get up because my arm had fallen asleep underneath him.

I went for a run and when I got home he ran to the door to greet me. He licked my feet while I did my stretches. He waited on the bathmat while I took my shower.

I was originally thinking he needed a magnificent name. A glorious name, because, as Megan so astutely noted, he is an especially glorious cat. But now I’m thinking he’s not really a magnificent lion after all, he’s just a gigantic pudding head.

I think his name might be Duncan. Duncan Donut, the Glorious Dogcat.

15 comments to Duncan the Dogcat

  • grace

    You are so clever to get a cat to match your floor.

  • I live with a dog-cat. She exhausts me with her need for attention but I wouldn’t trade her.

  • He’s adorable. He actually reminds me a lot of a cat I had as child. Another “dog cat”. :-)

  • J.

    Oh wow. I was just getting caught up on your cat posts and laughing so hard I could barely read them aloud to the man of science who was across the room. I look forward to more Duncan-related posts. He is fantastic.

    The Man of Science also wishes to point out that his dog Oreo, the terrier/border collie mix also weighs 25 pounds!


  • Gillian

    Duncan sounds fun. What a hoot! Do you have any idea how old he is? Is he at a healthy weight, and therefore he comes by his size naturally?
    BTW, do you like owning your own place?

  • I am in love with your cat. I am so so so so very glad you got him before he was “pet of the week” and some person who was NOT meant to get him got him, as you are the perfect person for a cat such as this. Also: Digit is the loudest walking animal we have, and several of them are much heavier. But he THUMP THUMP THUMPs all around the house. People are astonished by it, really. And he’s a face sleeper, too, follows me around the bed as I change position. Lala’s dog Harriet who sleeps with us, also, has never been happy about that. So you’ve done well, finding yourself a cat as grand as that. Hooray!

  • merle

    He is quite the puddy. how about calling him Schmitty ?

  • he sounds perfect for you. and I don’t want to be a cat blogger either but ever since I got Pablo back I feel like I’m in love! I adore coming home to him and having him sleep with me.

    I didn’t even mind the $160.00 vet bill on thursday when he decided to get an abcess.

    long live the cats

  • Ciaochow

    I wouldn’t mind if every second day your post was devoted to Duncan. Just FYI. This cat is entertaining and obviously head-over-heels in love with you!

  • I just caught up with the cat story! Terrific! It sounds like it’s a match. And I loved the conversation you had with yourself about grooming. Is he really just a big cat or is he overweight? It’s hard to tell with all that fur.

  • Carmen

    My! This is what happens when I don’t read for a few days…you adopt a LION! He’s GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on your new friend!!!

  • Cat blog all you like. Cute creation he is. That’s a lot of sleeplessness tho…you’ll need a vacation away to get some rest.

  • John

    I believe that Duncan (aka Fraser) is featured by the Humaine Society in todays Sun newspaper. Talk about your 15 minutes of fame kitty. He realy seems like an incredible companion to have around, and this is coming from a dog person.
    ps: I still miss our BBQ’s at Stu’s.

  • I would be pleased as punch to read about your lovable donut cat all the time. Don’t hold back! We obviously don’t mind.

  • […] Duncan and I adopted each other, I went on a business trip to Toronto, and Mayor Larry thought he was a rock star when he got booked on charges of bribery and influence peddling. […]