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A night on the town, a robbery and a Duncan update

Last night I got together with a couple of other bloggers and we went down to Rasputin’s to catch local blogger Andrea Simms-Karp’s show. She was playing with her cousin, guitarist Brian Simms, and her friend all the way back to third grade, Shawna Caspi.

Andrea’s great – lots of stage presence and humour and rapport with her audience, plus terrific music too. Real Fine Friend gave me goosebumps (you can listen to it here). And they did this trippy little Prince number at the end, which was MADE for them. They even danced, sort of.

Rasputin’s is so tiny and quiet that if you knock your beer bottle over, everybody looks at you and Andrea interrupts her own song to laugh at you. Ahem.

Fortunately she didn’t notice when I inadvertently tried to drink my apple cider through the cinnamon stick, although my companions did notice. (Did you know cinnamon sticks only look hollow?) It reminded me of a couple of weeks ago when I had lunch with friends at a Vietnamese restaurant and I complained to my friends about the sauce being kind of bland and they pointed out that I was dipping my spring rolls in the tea.

Broken ApothecaryWhat else is new? Well, I’m sorry to say that Mak’s Apothecary has been broken into. It’s still there, but the plexiglass was smashed and a number of items were stolen from the shelves. The Ottawa Police Street Crimes Unit suspects crackheads are responsible for the smash-and-grab, and are calling for increased policing. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And, on the subject of Mak’s Apothecary, I owe you all a big apology because I gave the wrong location!! I said it was on Albert just east of Bank, and really it’s on Slater just east of Bank. I’m sorry if you went looking for it and couldn’t find it.

Duncan has re-established the complete bedtime routine again after only several minutes of me playing hard-to-get. However, he did not greet me at the door today when I got home from my run, nor did he lick my feet while I did my stretches, nor did he wait on the bathmat while I had my shower. This is fine. I’m not neurotic about him or anything. However, I did experience a pang of concern when I stepped out of the shower onto the Duncanless bathmat, and I wondered if he had died while I was out running. (He hadn’t. He was just snoozin’ on the back of the couch in a puddle of sunshine.)


9 comments to A night on the town, a robbery and a Duncan update

  • grace

    We have a large calico cat named Ramona who is about the size and shape of a bowling bag. Her latest favourite place to lounge is on the bathmat. She choses to stretch out there only while I’m in the shower and unable to see her take up that position and, since I seldom wear my glasses to shower, I’m concerned that someday I’ll trip over her and break a hip. Just today I cautioned her that I would then be unable to walk to the pet food store. We’ll see . . .

  • I’ve done the whole cinnamon stick apple cider thing.. and yeah it doesn’t work.. but it totally looks like it should.. I think that’s false advertising…

  • I was almost relieved when you knocked over your beer bottle… That room was a little too quiet!

    I wish I had seen you try to drink through your cinnamon stick, although I might not have recovered, and would have had to cut the set short to have a proper laugh. Thanks for coming!!

  • with all the rumours about the size of rasputin’s appendage, I would expect a club to be named after him to be… well… bigger….

  • I miss Rasputins! My favorite place to listen to music and storytellers. Nursemyra – I’d think maybe it has to do with confidence, no need to overcompensate when you know what’s inside is so great :-). I’ve editted out gossip I’ve heard about Dean :-)

  • XUP

    Ha ha – I’m always convinced Bazel is dead, too, if he alters his routine. I wonder if they thing the same thing about us?

  • Too bad about the art. I wonder if there will ever be something made that can withstand vandals.

  • Carmen

    Duncan is now “established” and your home has become HIS home. This is a good thing. It shows he’s happy, secure and settled.

  • Ciekawy blog, dodalem go do ulubionych, bede tu wpadal czesciej