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A year ago today

I was just flipping back to see if I hated winter yet by mid-February last year. Check out what things were like a year ago today!


7 comments to A year ago today

  • grace

    This was the post that I fired off to my friend Rachael in CA with a comment that she must read this as a) a sample of the writing in a blog I thought she would enjoy and b) an accurate description of our glorious winter. Time flies!

  • OMG!! I have tears running down my face I’m laughing so hard! That was the most bitterly cold and hilarious blog post I’ve ever read. Thanks!

  • Oh, I’m so glad that ended well, with you not frozen, and having the next day off and all. Even more, I am glad that the dog on the sidewalk really was your dog, because your story wouldn’t have ended so well if he’d been some “doggleganger” instead.

    BTW, I’m one of your new readers who got here via the Harlot. I think I’ll stick around! :-)

  • grace

    Just in on the news at noon — our seasonal total for snowfall (measured at the Ottawa Airport I believe) is at 295 cm. People, that’s more than 9 and a half feet!?!

  • XUP

    I understand in 1970 it snowed in Ottawa for one entire week straight – 24/7 and we had over 115 cm by the end of that week. Anybody remember that? It would be fun to hear about. And then I could tell you about the Blizzard of ’77 (aka “White Death”)in southern Ontario… if I were the type to hijack a blog, that is.

  • Permanent hunched-over pasture? Check.
    Scrunched, hunched and rigid? Check.
    Salt stains? Check.
    God-awful, alternately pasty and flaky complexion? Check.

    Man, I love this city.

  • This time last year we were still shoveling out from the 37″ of snow we got on Valentine’s Day… (I usually refer to it as the St Valentine’s Day Massacre.)
    Ottawa sounds a lot like Vermont. I recognize those postures…
    Anyone seen my moisturizer?