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CBA07 - Second Best Blog Post Look! I won second prize in the Best Blog Post category for The Real Reason I Support the Crack Kit Program! I don’t even know what to say. Except thank you to Robin and Scott and the ESIs, and Yarn Harlot, and every single person who voted for me and browbeat their friends into doing the same.

I never thought I’d feel proud of anything associated with that period of my life. Weird.

Here are the other winners in the Canadian Blog Awards “Best Blog Post” category:

#1: What’s the Male of Feminism? (Mike’s Bliggity Blog Blob)
#3: Look At My Boobs! I am Very Smart! (Meg Fowler)
#4: Town Council Misunderstands Gay Pride Flag
(Slap Upside the Head)
#5: Kindness Meters? (


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