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Things I learned today

Things I learned today:

Duncan and the sweaterIt is not easy for a cat to see a sweater being blocked without lying down on it, but it is possible.

Your brain can, without warning, temporarily flush all of its contents.

You will look like an idiot if this happens during a meeting.

The waiting time at the Passport Office is now under thirty minutes if you go on a snowy Thursday afternoon.

If you share a walkway with a neighbour, the shoveling of the snow on this walkway will not be equally shared.

This will bother you more once the novelty of shoveling snow has worn off.

The life expectancy of an ant is 45-60 days.

The ant I befriended in my kitchen might be multiple ants, since we’ve been friends since October.

8 comments to Things I learned today

  • You are a seriously conscientious blocker. Look at all those pins! I am impressed. I don’t know if I actually own that many pins. What sweater is it?

    I am also surprised that Duncan is not lying on the sweater in question. Especially since you bucked the odds by blatantly knitting it in a non-cat colour.

  • It’s actually the first time I’ve ever blocked anything. I blocked half the sweater and ran out of pins because I was so conscientious! I think the pins may have been what kept Duncan off it – they formed a fence. (A short fence, mind you, but a fence.)

    It’s a Sirdar cardigan – 8336. I started it in 2005. I think I’ll finish it this month!!

  • I love all the Duncan that’s been going on lately! Go Duncan! Go Zoom!

  • DeLaina

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who allows the creepy crawlies to coexist with my in my home… when the cat doesnt eat them anyway…Emma is a pro bug hunter.

  • Can you teach me the trick to keeping cats off the blocking? I can’t even set downa project still on the needles without having a cat on it…

  • does the ant come when you call?

  • XUP

    Damn lazy-assed neighbours!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie – Duncan’s 6 years old and I’ve only had him for a month, so I can’t claim credit for any of his wondrous talents. I did give him his own handknit scarf, which he loves to lie down on, but so far he has left my knitting-in-progress completely alone. Such a good puddin’ head.

    Nursemyra – the ant does *not* come when he’s called. We just peacefully co-exist. (If he decided to move, I’d be okay with that – I’m not attached to him or anything.)

    XUP – Yeah! What’s even worse is that I always clear HIS steps too, just because I’m already out there shovelling, and it would be kind of un-neighbourly to do my own and leave his.