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A thousand words


Someone emailed this to me today. I don’t know who to credit for the snow sculpture or the photograph, but they probably live in Ottawa.

I should have stayed home today. I had to take the bus both ways because the sidewalks hadn’t been plowed and the 28 centimeters of snow-mixed-with-ice-bullets was too deep and heavy to walk through. I spent three hours either on buses or waiting for them today.

I was talking to a woman on the #14 this morning who told me that she spent two hours last night trying to break the ice that had glued her garage door shut. Her snowblower was in the garage.

On the way home, the #14 got stuck at Carling and Fisher and the driver’s attempts to free it resulted in something burning and stinky smoke billowing in the back door. It was a very crowded bus. I started thinking about what would happen if the bus caught on fire. Bus passengers have to be pushy at the best of times to get on and off crowded buses. It’s survival of the fittest. I’m pretty sure a burning bus would not bring out the best in us.

Duncan playing!On the bright side, my son came over tonight. We had dinner and an income-tax party and he taught Duncan how to play!

Dinner was one of the meals you suggested (chicken breasts flattened and dredged in flour and cooked in wine and lemon juice and capers, served with a rice and black bean side dish and steamed brocolli and dinner rolls – yummy).

It's true what they say about cats and yarnI told James I’d eat my hat if he could get Duncan to play, and sure enough Duncan found him irresistible.

Anybody got any good hat recipes?


12 comments to A thousand words

  • Oh I think that snow picture says it all… do you think your son could come over and get Tux to play?

  • Thanks so much for that first laugh, then the warm smiles at the cuteness that is Duncan at play.

    Hope you warm up soon!

  • Oma

    This is the first time this year I couldn’t get out to the mailboxes without snowshoes. It took me an hour to get there and back, and the postman had been unable to put the mail in the boxes because the plow had buried them.

  • OMG that sculpture is AWESOME! But there’s no way the sculptor is in Ottawa… look down the street in the background and the snowbanks are only 18 inches high. Even here in Guelph we have at least four-foot ‘banks and more often than not higher. (And we only about 10 cm of snow yesterday so I KNOW Ottawa has a LOT more.)

  • Thanks for visiting my blog. Ya know, that photo pretty well captures my mindset these days. And more of a dumping coming on Saturday. I’m supposed to drive my 5-yr-old into Kanata for a b-day party. I don’t think so.

    And maybe your son could STOP my cat from playing. Like at 4 a.m. with a bottle cap on the tile kitchen floor.

  • paula

    I’m not sure that yarn was the best choice of toy for a cat whose owner is a knitter. Just thought I’d mention it.

    My cat gets interested briefly in the yarn while I am knitting. But, if I take what I need out of the knitting bag and place the bag next to me, the cat is content to interupt/contribute by sleeping on the bag.

  • XUP

    I suspect your son rubbed the yarn with some leftover chicken fat, hence Duncan’s lip-lickin’ enthusiasm.

  • Could you knit a hat out of something edible and eat that?

  • I can imagine crochetting with fresh pasta, knitting might be a bit of a chore.

    I think the fastest hat, would be to woven bacon hat

  • Mo

    Love the Duncan pics at play! The winter (ahem) photo was a winner during lunch today. We were hysterical.Plus one of the guys wanted me to keep it as a screensaver (definitely not a possibility but will be sent to some noreaster friends). Good luck with the snow – don’t have much here but I can relate to the long commute.

  • Hee Hee! Someone left a comment on my site and referred me here to see this photot! So glad they did. It captures my sentiments exactly. I’ll have to further puruse your blog when I get a minute! It looks great!