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About winter…

So. I see reverse psychology does not work on Old Man Winter as well as it does on cats. I figured if I pretended to like him, he would back off and play hard to get. Ha. Forty-five Fifty-six centimeters later, I concede defeat: I am no match for the wily ways of Winter.

Yesterday’s storm had something for everyone, including some thunder and lightning for those who like a little extra drama.

I will say snowstorms are much more pleasant when you don’t have to go anywhere. If you’ve done some anticipatory meeting of your needs and laid in a good supply of food and movies and booze and yarn, you can burrow down into your own little world for some very pleasant me-time. I hope you enjoyed the storm as much as I did.

My back yard
This morning I got up and ran to the window like a little kid, to see what the world looked like. It was gorgeous. This is my back yard, as seen from my back door.

I fed Duncan and put on my Deep Snow Sorrel boots, then went out to shovel. It was gorgeous and deep! I had a little trouble getting my front door open – a few more inches and I might have been literally snowed in.

I shovelled my snow and my neighbour’s snow. Even though there was massive amounts of it, this snow was mercifully light and fluffy. (By the way, do you think Rob Werstine has any idea how annoying Ottawa finds him?)

Then I grabbed the camera and went for a stroll around my neighbourhood. If you haven’t done this yet today, I urge you to stop reading my blog and go for a stroll around your neighbourhood. Don’t forget your camera. I’ll wait right here for you.

Here’s what my neighbourhood looked like at 8:00 (Daylight Savings Time) this morning:

Some of the houses were looking pretty short:
House soon buried

Yesterday’s news:
Newspaper boxes

Bus Shelter From the Storm:
Bus Shelter

The Ethiopian Church didn’t just look pretty, it sounded pretty too because people were inside singing:
Ethiopian Church

I leave you with this. Lord knows I have no right to call myself the Fashion Police, but here’s What Not to Wear, ever, under any circumstances, even if you’re just cleaning the snow off your car:
Dogcoat Woman


18 comments to About winter…

  • Are those really giant puppy faces? On a coat?

  • Wow. I bet that woman found that polar fleece on sale somewhere, got excited and stitched up that garment herself. Impressive! If the puppy heads were a bit smaller, it might be ok.

  • Deb

    Rob loved it.

  • There’s a house on my block that has an unfortunately large, round window in their upstairs bathroom. It’s bad design, to be sure, but the owners made the worst of a bad thing by hanging a large bath-towel over the window. A bath-towel with the large head of a dog on it. Looks a lot like her coat, but imagine it six times larger and up 20 feet, hanging in the window of a $400,000 house.
    I shudder every time I drive by that house. It’s the damn tackiest thing I have ever seen, and I alternate between wanting to pull up a rifle and shooting that window right out (cardboard would be far less offensive) and ringing on their doorbell and asking them what the ^&%$ they were thinking.

  • It wouldn’t do me any good to walk around my neigborhood with my camera. No snow, just squishy ground and mud from all the rain. I envy you all your white stuff! I’ll have to be content to see snow pictures from other people :-(

  • Deb

    Susan seems to have anger issues…lol

  • When I was among only 5 of the 100 people supposed to show up to work a stormy Moncton day in january, I shrugged and told my boss “I’m from Ottawa”.

    Enjoy your snow. Today, all we got was rain. :-(

  • Oma

    The one who drives me to drink is the guy who wrote a sanctimonious exhortation to all of us in the local newsletter suggesting we count our blessings. He went on and on about how we were a lot luckier than people in the developing world. I have lived in the developing world. I know that, dammit. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling overwhelmed by another 45 centimetres.

  • She`s kinda like the Anti-Cruella De Vil, its just wrong!

  • The fleece was just about as frightening as the snow was beautiful.

    Trade places? We’re set for rain all next week. I’d rather have snow.

  • Helen

    Very jealous of your snow! Here in England there’s no snow but an inordinate amount of wind and rain instead – I think I’d rather have the snow, which is at least pretty, but it’s probably nicer viewed from afar than it is when its right there barricading the door!
    I wonder how Duncan feels about the snow – being an intrepid skogcat, I imagine it doesn’t really faze him.

  • sheila

    I had to do some checking to see what 54 cm equaled in old fashioned measurements. Yowee! We’ve been moaning about the quantities of snow we’ve received here in Maine-but you’ve got us beat. Last week my son and I shoveled a couple of feet of snow and ice off the roof of our wrap around porch. We braved the heights because the ice dams were causing water to leak into the house. It was hard but satisfying work, and successful,as well. There have been too many reports of roof collapses lately.

  • Oh dear. That’s the scary kind of coat my mother used to dress me in when I was a child. It wasn’t cute, even then. If SHE found that coat somewhere, she’d buy two, I swear, and send one to me.

    Like the time she mailed me ADULT sized Winnie-the-Poo FOOTED pajamas…complete with butt-flap…

  • I love that some of you are envious of our snow. Well tough, it’s ours and you can’t have any! Nya nya nya nya nya! (Just kidding, just come on over and back your truck up…)

    Katie! Do you still have those pajamas? I know someone who wants EXACTLY that. I’m not even kidding.

    I fear it’s only a matter of time till my mother gets – or makes – a coat just like the one in the picture. She’s a little dog-obsessed the last couple of years.

  • grace

    Zoom, this coat was shopping at Lincoln Heights shortly after lunch today. My poor husband was trying to negotiate the bus traffic in front of the Walmart when I started screaming “The coat, the coat!”

  • OH MY GOD! I gave her the benefit of the doubt, saying she probably just wears it to brush off her car, but that’s kind of horrifying that she actually wears it to the mall.

    Good eye Grace. Are you okay?

  • grace

    I can’t stop giggling . . . people really are fun! Did you notice that all of the puppies had big, doleful eyes?