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Another Act in Mayor Larry’s Comedy of Errors

The Centeretown News reports that a miscommunication has prevented any of the money from the Kindness Meters from reaching any of the charities that help homeless people.

It seems Larry wanted to turn the giving of the money into a ceremonial photo op, but one of his staff people was sick for six weeks so everybody kinda forgot to give the money to the shelters and food kitchens.

I have to confess, that when I composed my list of reasons the Kindness Meters were a bad idea, this possibility never occurred to me. So let me add it belatedly to the list: We should cut out the middle man, because the middle man is inept.


5 comments to Another Act in Mayor Larry’s Comedy of Errors

  • Kat

    This is kind of misleading Zoom! The money has been delivered. The cheque was issued March 5 to the Downtown Ottawa Coalition for a Safe Community, but the money would not be distributed until after the group meets this week, said the coalition’s chair Gord Diamond (date of the article was March 14). I have to assume money has now been delivered. However I do feel that when a key employee (in this case David Gibbons) is gone for 6 weeks either thru illness or whatever, that person cannot organize his desk and needs a lesson, better yet Mr. Mayor should pick his assistants that have follow through experience!

  • Pychic Librarian

    Thank you Zoom for speaking up for those who cannot…

    I gave a pan-handler some money today. He told me he was putting all the money he collected in a bank account as child support for his kid. I respected that. As of when I met him, he was 6 dollars short of his monthly amount. He may be a bum to some, but he certainly isn’t a dead-beat dad. Yes, I believed his story. He was not intoxicated in any way (not that would make him any less honest), and since he wasn’t running for office… he had no reason to lie.

    Oh, the point of this story – kindness meters wouldn’t help this fellow. And if someone is thinking, “Why doesn’t he get a job?”. I say, “Are you prepared to give this fellow a job?”.

  • Why doesn’t that surprise me? Yes, it has now been distributed, but seriously, how could people forget for 6 weeks? If this guy can be gone for 6 weeks and no one does his work for him, does he really need to be there in the first place? Maybe so, but you would think someone would have noticed. Bureaucracy rarely improves anything. Unless your Swiss, but they are an anomaly.

  • They actually installed some kindness meters? Good Lord! I thought it was just an idea that would quickly get shot down as ridiculous.

  • Sounds like Larry and Mayor David Miller in Toronto are taking their cues from each other…