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Duncan’s been immortalized!

Today was a most excellent day. So excellent, in fact, I can’t possibly fit all that excellence into one blog post, so Part II will be published tomorrow.


I went downtown and discovered a new street art installation by Maks on Slater Street just a few steps east of Bank Street. And if that wasn’t enough to put the Good in my Good Friday, I was thrilled to discover Maks had put Duncan in the art! I think this means Duncan’s officially famous now.

(As always, you can click the pictures for larger versions. Duncan’s in the second picture.)

Easter Art Box Installation


Mayor Larry and Disciples

Up near the top it says “No offense meant to Alfie or the Catman.” I think that means Maks included Daniel Alfredson and Duncan as a tribute to them.

Hmmm…there’s an art challenge to identify all those shady characters around the table. Recognize anybody?


18 comments to Duncan’s been immortalized!

  • Next thing you know, Duncan will be canonized!

  • Just to start the disciple-guessing game off…third from the left in the right bank of disciples is Pinchas Zuckerman.

  • Is that Stephane Dion to Duncan’s right?

  • Canonized! Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Stephane Dion is indeed one of the disciples, but that isn’t him…

    How about figuring out who is Judas? Who would dare betray Saint Larry?

  • Is that Stephane Dion over by Waldo?
    As for who could be Saint Larry’s Judas – how about John Baird? Or Terry Kilrea?

  • Terry Kilrea’s the guy in the black shirt and grey jacket, holding the Tim Horton’s coffee!

  • Guerilla knitting! I love it.

    The cat man over to Larry’s left – is that Rene, the old man who takes care of the cat colony on Parliament Hill?

  • Okay, here’s my guess for the left side of the table: Waldo, Dion, Harper, ?, Rene, Kilrea, ?, Larry. (Maybe one of them is Doug Thompson?)

  • Doug Thompson’s to Dion’s right. From left to right on the left side, they are Liberal leader Stephane Dion, Osgoode councillor Doug Thompson, perennial protest fixture Andrew Nellis, failed mayoral candidate (and betrayer of Larry) Terry Kilrea, Rene the Cat Man, and federal environment minister John Baird, who occupies the place of Peter since he denied (all connections to?) Larry.

  • Thanks Elmaks. The only complete surprise to me is Andrew Nellis because I’m not familiar with him at all.

    The other side of the table is even more puzzling. I know Alfie, Pinchus Zukerman and Duncan, and I keep thinking the woman reminds me of someone but I’m not sure who…

    How about some hints?

  • hmm…think of city councillors whose ridings are in the downtown area…

    also think about people involved with the title “mayor”. Maybe even a future mayor…

    at least Duncan doesn’t leave dead mice by your door. I once lived with a cat who liked to do that, and once she brought a very much alive mouse into my room, intending to play with it, and promptly lost it.

  • Okay, to the right of Larry O’Brien as you look at him: ?, Diane Holmes, Pinchus Zukerman, Daniel Alfredson, Peter Hume, Clive Doucet, Duncan and another ?

    Am I close?

  • It’s Georges Bedard to the left of Holmes, then Munter and Chiarelli to the left of dear ol’ Duncan.

  • freckles

    Next to Duncan is ‘V’ from the movie V for Vendetta!! I love Elmaks’ art work! I actually have a piece of his that I bought at the Petit Mort Gallery (a little wooden box with a light switch cover on the top). I have some pretty fabulous closeups of the the 12 disciples piece up top. I was surprised it lasted up for as long as it did! I think it’s my favourite one yet.. the boiling water and the acme coyote remover killed me!

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