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In hot pursuit of imaginary birds

I was planning to take the whole week off blogging while I was gone, but I’m with three regular blog readers and they need a fix. Me too.

I was a little stumped about what to blog about though. I didn’t bring the camera’s USB cable, so I can’t get my photos out of my camera and onto the computer, and most of the things I thought about blogging about would be better with photos.

But I guess I don’t need any photos to blog about Merle’s imaginary birds.

I like birds, and there are a lot of birds here that we don’t get in Ottawa, like pelicans, egrets and turkey ducks. ‘Here’, by the way, is “The Top of the World,” which is a gated community with a ’round-the-world’ theme. All the streets are named after countries, and all the buildings, oddly enough, are named after decorating styles. We are staying in Ecuador, in the Swedish Traditionalist building.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk around the world. Merle caught up with me in Australia.

“I found the flamingos!” she exclaimed, “If we hurry they might still be there!”

We rushed over to Haiti, which is where she had spotted the flamingos, but alas, there were no flamingos. We were both so disappointed. We headed back to Ecuador, stopping along the way to pick some grapefruits in Canada.

Last night she suggested that we take Lola, the pug, for a walk to the Great Wall of Finland, where hundreds of raucous lime green wild parrots hang out. That sounded intriguing, so off we went. We searched all over Finland, but couldn’t find a single raucous, lime green wild parrot. Merle seemed genuinely perplexed, and by this time I was starting to wonder about her.

Anyway, gotta run, we’re off to Aruba to see the penguins now.

By the way, I have been loving the All-Duncan-All-the-Time virtually live updates provided by the Fourth Dwarf. I have not spent any time worrying that Duncan is sad and missing me, since there is compelling evidence to the contrary. On the other hand, I’ve spent a bit of time worrying that Duncan is not missing me. What if he refuses to come home tomorrow? How can I lure him back to Chez Zoom?

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