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Spring, cream and poverty

I survived the first week of the new regime and I believe I’ve turned the corner. I feel better: my cold is gone and some of my muscles don’t hurt anymore.

I learned this week that it takes human beings 21 to 28 days to establish a new habit, but it only takes cats four days. Duncan was wide awake and ready to kick the day into action at 5:00 this morning. No amount of reasoning, cuddling, or rolling away from him could convince him that Saturday is different. He just kept licking my face and pawing my eyeballs and talking until I got up.

I didn’t really mind – it’s a gorgeous day and we’re expecting 26 sunny degrees. It’s kind of weird how we went straight from parkas into shorts, isn’t it?

First thing I did (after feeding the cat, of course) was go to the corner store for half-and-half. Last night I made myself a nice cup of coffee so I could try to stay awake till the sun went down. Unfortunately I had to throw it out because the cream was bad. Is it just me or does everybody’s cream go bad before the expiry date? How come milk’s expiry date is only a week or two in the future, but cream’s is an overly optimistic month or two? This time my cream went bad 16 days early, but sometimes it’s as much as a month. I’m conscientious about refrigerating it too – it never sits out on the counter.

Speaking of refrigeration, Gabriel from Salted Lithium has written an excellent post capturing the grinding day-to-day realities of eating while living in chronic poverty. It’s called The More Things Stay The Same The More They Continue To Suck But In A Totally Bad Way. He’s considering doing a companion piece on apartments.


5 comments to Spring, cream and poverty

  • Apartments and laundry… I think the next one will be on laundry. Thanks so much for the link Zoom!. Your pingback looks fantastic on my blog.

  • Rhiannon

    The expiry dates on cream and milk only apply to unopened containers. Once the cream has been opened, you have about a week to a week and a half.

  • Gabriel – thank YOU for writing it. I am very much looking forward to your laundry piece too. Laundry when you’re poor and laundry when you’re not poor are two entirely different beasts.

    Rhiannon – I did not know that! Thanks very much for sharing that useful bit of information.

  • Dogs develop habits in one day. I take Betsy for a walk one morning and the next day she is sitting expectently by the door.

  • Em

    I’m kinda sad there is no spring in Ottawa this year. I bought a new spring coat this year, and I’ve worn it twice. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m complaining about it being too warm.

    I discovered Gabriel’s blog recently, and it seems brilliant. It makes me want to post more about my bipolar experiences. Maybe someday!