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Zoom’s To-Do List


  • swimsuit
  • summer running gear
  • tiny knitting project
  • sunscreen
  • shorts
  • stuff to read
  • passport
  • Arrange:

  • flight
  • house-sitter
  • famous blogging cat-sitter
  • Check check check check check – I guess I’m about ready to fly off in a summerly direction tomorrow!

    By the way, here are my leftover winter pictures. When I get back I’d like to see all the snow gone.

    Love the headline on that newspaper: Big Dig Could Take Days
    Big Dig Could Take Days

    Here’s a seasonally ambiguous pumpkin:
    Seasonal Disaffective Disorder

    Putting on the Ice at the Ritz:
    The Ritz Hotel LIves to See Another Winter

    I tower over the trash cans at Dundonald Park:
    The Winter of the Short Trash Cans

    Hanging the Icicles Out to Dry:
    Hanging the Icicles Out to Dry

    I did my part during Earth Hour (although I confess to turning the computer back on after 47 minutes because my ambivalence about the whole Earth Hour concept meant I couldn’t fully commit to it).

    I’m declaring this Saturday at 8:00 p.m. “Unearth the Earth hour”; everybody go outside with your hair dryers and melt snow for an hour. Thank you.


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