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Home sweet home

When I got home I had several messages from people who were concerned because I hadn’t blogged or played scrabble on facebook for four days. It’s kind of reassuring, since I live alone, to know that when my time comes, my absence might be noticed before the smell draws the attention of the public health department.

Hopefully that’ll be many years down the road because I still have hundreds of things to do before I die, including writing a book, creating a frame-worthy piece of art, learning ventriloquism, and much much more.

Anyway, to those who were concerned, thank you – I’m alive! I was just off on a little mini-holiday. I rode the train and visited people and bought paintings and everything. It was excellent. Regularly scheduled blogging will return tomorrow, because right now there’s a cat who is being a bit of a bully, and I’m a little bit intoxicated from the train.

6 comments to Home sweet home

  • Welcome back Zoom. I sort of knew you were OK because there was the occasional wisp of your presence in cyberspace as you took the time to whoop me in Scramble! Looking forward to hearing about your art purchases.

  • Mo

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see the new artwork for your home. BTW, who stayed the Duncan the Glorious Dogcat? Did he make any new friends in the process?

  • Mo has already asked my question….. who looked after Duncan?

  • sheila

    Welcome back! But hey, thanks for the morbid thoughts. My soon to be 20 yr. old son is moving away and my daughter lives across the country and I’m trying to keep it positive. I just got a Mother’s Day card from my daughter and suddenly I was weeping. I want to think happy thoughts about freedom and space and time. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I want to read about your mini vacation.

  • XUP

    Not to worry. You live with a cat, so when you shuffle off, Duncan will eat you, thereby avoiding making a smelly nuisance of yourself. Also, no need to concern yourself with how the cat will survive without you.