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Mayor Larry launches his blog

I just learned of Mayor Larry O’Brien’s new blog on David Reevely’s site, Greater Ottawa. Like David, I encourage the mayor and other elected officials to blog.

I’m not going to say more than that at this time.

Except this: the little talking mayor introducing the site is going to get old really fast.

And this: I think the mayor should write the blog himself – it’s too slick; it lacks the authenticity of a real blog.

Okay, that’s it. For now.

(Oh, one more thing – be sure to check out the French version of his blog and have a chuckle at the little French-talking mayor.)


7 comments to Mayor Larry launches his blog

  • XUP

    Little Talking Larry scares me. He looks like he might climb right out of my montior and bite me or something if I laugh at him.

  • grace

    I think you need a Little Talking Duncan . . .

  • I love how you click “FRENCH” not even FRANCAIS but FRENCH and you get Larry painfully speaking French and one French news item and the rest is all in English! hahaha Oh Larry.

  • Jo

    Notice he doesn’t say Ottawa is the greatest city when he’s talking in French.

  • XUP – If you find him scary, go look at him in French – he looks harmless in French.

    Grace, I should ask the mayor for some technical assistance so I can put a Little Talking Duncan on my page. (Duncan’s French is better than the mayor’s though. I’m just saying.)

    Darren – I love his poll for rating the quality of his blog. It’s only in English and it’s only on the French site.

    Jo, I know, he left a few things out in French. Pretty much all that’s left is “Bone Joor. Je ma pell Larry O’brien. Marcie Bow Coop.”

    Still. I’m glad he started a blog and I do hope he eventually gets up to speed enough to do his own blogging, at least in English. It’s kind of meaningless if someone else writes it, isn’t it?

  • Re

    Ohhhh, I would love a little talking Duncan!
    I thought Little Talking Larry was going to start saying “Help me Obi Wan-Kenobi you’re our only hope,” like Princess Leia in Star Wars.

  • Payton

    That Little Talking Larry scared the crap out of me. I kept looking for a “close” button like all the pop-up ads have.