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I made a mistake

Remember when Duncan met the baby Jacob and was completely unhinged by him and could not take his huge freaked-out saucer eyes off him? Even after Jacob and his mother left, Duncan watched with great consternation from the window till the stroller disappeared around the corner.

I just assumed Duncan was afraid of babies.

But it seems I was mistaken, because Duncan actually LOVES babies with all his great big furry purry heart.

Mudmama and the Sprout came and stayed for the weekend.

Remember the Sprout? I believe the last time he was on this blog (not counting yesterday) he looked like this:

You should see the other guy

Now he looks like this:

My eyelashes are insured

Duncan, who usually hangs out on the back of the couch, hung out on the floor all weekend. He went out of his way to make himself accessible to the baby. Whenever the Sprout grabbed big fistfuls of Duncan’s fur, Duncan gently extricated himself, moved a couple of feet away, flopped over on his back, and waited for the Sprout to come back and do it again.

Duncan loves babies

I wonder why he was so scared of Jacob and why he loves the Sprout so much?

It was fun having Mudmama and the Sprout here. I hadn’t seen them since Christmas, and hadn’t had a chance to really talk with Mudmama since last September when she was in labour. (She has painless labours, so it was kind of like having a slumber party in a hospital.)

Oh! Check this out – Mudmama brought me some gifts: a selection of fair trade coffees and this highly intriguing book.

It's a small world until you start to paint it

I can’t wait to get started. I hope I don’t get busted.


9 comments to I made a mistake

  • Mo

    Hi Zoom,

    I love your blog! Mudmama’s Sprout is so adorable with beautiful blue eyes. Maybe tiny babies have a different smells and sounds than toddlers and Duncan doesn’t know what to make of it.

    Wow, what a difference in size between Sprout and Duncan (when he is all furry and stretched out).

    The Guerilla Art Kit book looks amazing and I can’t wait to hear more about it (or see your first project when it is done).

  • Aww – Duncan is getting all maternal is his old age – cute!

  • Woodsy

    Duncan? Sprout? Duncan! No, Sprout! OHHHHH… I can’t decide who’s cuter!

  • I’m not a huge baby fan, not that I don’t like them, but I don’t do gush, but he is ADORABLE. Those eyes! His Moma better keep an eye on him!

  • Thanks Mo! I love it when people say they love my blog.

    Don Mills Diva – I never thought of him as maternal before, but now that you mention it, he does like to lick me which is very maternal cat behaviour.

    Woodsy, I know, they’re both so damned cute.

    Melinda, yeah, he’s a keeper. He’s also a really NICE baby. Laid back, easy-going, sociable, quick to smile. Apparently his only fault is that he doesn’t sleep much at night. (But since he’s not mine, I hardly think of it as a fault at all.)

  • by the way Melinda I *almost* got that hat to ginette last week. I’m still trying.

  • Re

    My crush on Duncan deepens. Sprout is just adorable.

  • new swapbox out!
    Preston street, south of gladstone…

  • PERFECT! It’s on my daily route! I’ll check it out tomorrow morning. :)