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More good and bad news for the swap box fans

The bad news is that the Swap Box on Primrose was stolen and the one at Percy and Gladstone was vandalized. If that weren’t bad enough, the Plexiglass Flower Box at Percy and Gladstone was gone when I passed by there at 6:30 yesterday morning.

But don’t despair! There’s good news too:

Andrea from the Fishbowl says she’s got a Swap Box ready for painting and installing on the most deserving telephone pole in Westboro.

The Swap Box Keeper of Primrose says she’s pretty sad hers was stolen, but she will put up a new one in time, after she heals. (Please tell me when you do that, SBK of Primrose, so I can blog it.)

Elmaks, the original Swap Box Artist, says “Ephemerality is one of the qualities of street art, so I expect that eventually the Boxes will get taken down. How long they last depends on how people in the neighbourhood treat them and the attitude that city crews take.”

The Percy and Gladstone Swap Box’s message and giraffe remain intact (as always, you can click for a larger version).

The old swap box's giraffe

A brand new Art Exchange Box has already sprung up right beside the giraffe!

The Art Exchange Box #2


7 comments to More good and bad news for the swap box fans

  • Helen

    We don’t have any swap boxes where I live in York, England (unless I have just been very unobservant and not noticed them) and I think they are a really cool idea. It’s a shame that people vandalise them though : (
    Is the swap box /street art thing a Canadian thing particularly? I’m visiting Canada soon (v. excited indeed), Montreal and Toronto, and will look out for swap boxes on my travels!

  • Helen

    Oh and in the spirit of virtual swap-boxing, if such a concept exisits, here is a link to an article about two women who are constructing the great barrier reef through the medium of crochet:,,2283545,00.html

  • Did you see my photo with street art in Arles? I thought it was more of a social statement than art but either way, hilarious.

  • Mo

    I always love the swap box photos. I’m not artistic but who knows maybe I will create my own swap box someday. I think a great question is what would you put in your own swap box and why?
    On an entirely different topic, how is Duncan and is he available for any photo opps soon?

  • Helen, I believe the Swap Box concept originated right here in Ottawa (Elmaks is the original artist), and is spreading around the world. I think most of them are still in Ottawa, but if you’re lucky you might find one in Montreal or Toronto. (You could install one in York if you like.) I love the crocheted reef by the way! Thanks for the link.

    Julia – ha ha ha ha ha!

    Mo, I’ll think about that question. :) As for Duncan, your wish is my command. Duncan says to tell you he’s doing well, his voice has de-squeaked and a full report will be forthcoming.

  • me

    i found “recharging” in that box today, left a few prints

  • Excellent – the prints will probably be gone by the time I get back there on Monday, but I’m sure whoever got them will be happy. Thanks for letting me know you found Recharging.