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10 Things I Adore About Duncan

He smells yummy.
He makes sweet sounds, like sighs and snuffles and snores.
He’s a luxurious and decadent creature.
He snuggles up and wraps his arm around me when we’re falling asleep.
He holds hands with me.
Nobody naps better than Duncan.
He’s got all the best dog-like qualities: he follows me around, he likes to watch me cook, he comes when he’s called.
He makes me laugh.
He’s got personality and good looks.
He likes it when I wake him up for a hug.
He strokes my face with his big soft velvety paw.

I didn’t know any of these things about him when I chose him from among all the cats at the Humane Society, but somehow I picked the perfect cat for me. (Robin helped. Robin pointed right at Duncan and said “Zoom, I think you should get that one.”)

I love this picture my son took of Duncan and me on his cell phone.
Duncan and Zoom


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