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Holiday Rerun: I need to touch a pig

August 7, 2006: I need to touch a pig

2 comments to Holiday Rerun: I need to touch a pig

  • Deb Prothero


    I haven’t written before (that I can recall) but often read your delightful entries. This one touched home as I was thinking of my baby today (now 28). Pigs weren’t his two year old thing…it was cows! But the sentiment and the result were similar.

    Reminds me of the (sometimes) incredible things we do for our children and really how much we can dine out on the stories for years.

    For his ninth birthday, my baby needed to meet Hulk Hogan. My vehicle was broken and I had to rent a car, drive through a snow storm for 200 km to get to Maple Leaf Gardens to see Hulk Hogan. I saw the gate that the star entered and when the show was nearing the end I took my sweet 9 year old to stand by the exit. When Hulk came by, my son couldn’t compose himself enough to speak but he reached out to touch the yellow cape!

    Now I’m not a big fan of the wrestling clan but Hulk was more than that to Jason. It was like a hero – Hulk became what he was from a scrawny little fella. Jason thought he could become anything he wanted because Hulk did. So we did the snow storm trip & home again relatively unscathed and the story has never been forgotten. Yellow is still his favourite colour!

    Thanks for the smile.

  • I loved this! I have an almost-four-year old who has a similarly steadfast resolve… but who will not hesitate to change his mind faced with a squealing piglet (or something similar). Either way, it’s on his terms.