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Maybe I need a bigger toilet

Duncan's got a drinking problem

One of these days he’s gonna get himself wedged in there.

Duncan, cat

9 comments to Maybe I need a bigger toilet

  • Kay

    Ouch! I’ve just hurt myself laughing.

  • DeLaina

    My sisters cat, Kitten, used to do that. Then one time he fell in, turned himslef around so his head was out of the water, but one of his legs went down the hole and he couldnt get himslef out. She found him when she got home from work, yowling so loudly she could here him outside.
    About this pic- you cant even really tell that Duncan is a cat!

  • When I first saw that photo, I thought, What is that giant HEDGEHOG doing in the toilet?!? More evidence of Duncan’s hugeness. And cuteness.

  • Rocky does that… though he doesn’t quite fill it as well as Duncan does. One more reason to turn the light on when you get up to pee when it’s dark….

  • Megan

    my cat used to do that until I got him a fishtank to drink out of. They like running water. He also liked to drink out of the tub when I took baths and then he would try to rescue me which led to him bathing too. Cats can swim Yo!

  • Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy


    Gwyndolyn fell in once … but only once. She’ll occasionally peer into the bowl, but she NEVER hops up on the seat. Ever. I find it a bit comforting that she exhibits learning behaviour. :-)

  • Re

    Duncan always charms me!

  • Thanks for the belly laugh!!