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An ominous message from Duncan

Panoramic shot of DuncanI was playing with my new camera and decided to try out the panoramic feature, in which you take several pictures of a very wide subject and then stitch them together to make a single wide horizontal panorama. Normally you would use this feature for a landscape, but it also works for very large cats.

Here’s Duncan basking in a sunbeam in the art room this morning.

Duncan basking in a sunbeam

Here he is right this minute, curled up in his basket beside the computer.

Duncan curled up in his basket

Duncan says to say hi to everybody out there in blogland, and to apologize for not having responded to your emails and comments and follow-up questions for his Dear Duncan column. He says he now has a better understanding of how blogging ennui can strike down bloggers in their prime.

However he still wants to know the Elgin Street Irregulars’ official policy on shaving and everything else, and he is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to find out.

All things shall be revealed in due time. Now go away and let me sleep.To be honest, this sounded kind of ominous and I tried to press him for details but he wasn’t forthcoming. He just looked mysterious and said something cryptic about how everything would reveal itself in due time. And then he yawned and went back to sleep. If I were the ESIs, I think I’d start hammering out an official policy immediately.


10 comments to An ominous message from Duncan

  • Zoom, what could Duncan be up to? I am trembling in curious anticipation!

  • Let me start by saying that if the ESIs have an official spokesperson, it would not be me. (It should be me, but certain individuals do not see it that way.)

    However, I am the one who knows Duncan best, and I am the one who took a day off work to straighten out the matted knots of fur under his chin and while the other ESIs may fear the possible measures Duncan is willing to take, I have no such fear.

    As for an official policy on Brazilian Waxing, my initial feeling was that we ESIs should take the same position on shaved pubic hair that we take on Basque independence – no position.

    But after further thought, we are supposed to be metabloggers and I for one would much rather read about angry red poons (or soft furry poons) than about ethnic conflict in faraway places.

    Therefore if it makes it onto the agenda for our next emergency meeting, I will be advocating that we pass the following resolution:

    Considering that it is fun and titillating to read about what people do with their private parts; and

    Realizing that people will blog about the most intimate details of their lives given any encouragement;

    Be it resolved that the ESIs take steps to recognize Ottawa bloggers who share the details of their pubic grooming and its impact on their lives.

  • I’m glad I’m not a board member of ESI because I have no idea what 4D just said. I’d be hard pressed to offer any kind of opinion against such a meandering resolution.

    However, speaking of panorama, does anyone know how to turn a panoramic JPG into an AVI or suchlike?

    There. I’ve now gone and hijacked a self-referential meta-post (?) and hopefully we’ll now have a highly informative tech thread.

  • Duncan is just one of the handsomest cats in the world!

  • Sigh. Give it up, already, Dunk.

    He’s just gonna have to get used to the idea that trying to cajole the Irregulars into articulatin’ any kinda official position on anything is like trying to herd, ummm, cats…

  • Oh phew! I thought the ominosity of the message might have had to do with peeing…
    (I like that word I just made up, so I’m not fixing it.)

  • Woodsy, Duncan sends a big fond furry purr your way and says “Patience, grasshopper.”

    4D – Duncan thanks you for your efforts, and says it’s a very good start. He would like to see it expanded to include your official position on lion cuts. He also wants you to know that he thinks you would make a very good official spokesperson for the ESIs, but since the ESIs do not have an official spokesperson, you will need to take your proposed policy statement back to your people for discussion and ratification.

    He has some other ideas too, which could be addressed in separate policy statements.

    Coyote, I know exactly what you mean, but Duncan says herding cats isn’t all that difficult if you know what you’re doing. (“It’s probably harder for coyotes,” he acknowledges.)

    Andrew, I think by now you’ve come to realize that trying ot turn a self-referential meta-post into a highly informative tech thread is a lot like herding cats.

    Julia, Duncan says he only peed to demonstrate to all concerned parties that he has a secret weapon and he’s not afraid to use it. It was very effective.

  • Oh, I forgot Valerie! Duncan says thank you, he loves women who appreciate his handsomeness. He was wondering what you liked best: his impressive mane, his muscular physique, his chiseled features, or his luxurious coat?

  • XUP

    Geeze, didn’t anyone notice that 4D, on behalf of the ESIs offered the possibity of RECOGNIZING any Ottawa bloggers who shared details of their pubic grooming?? RECOGNITION by the ESIs people!!! Why aren’t ALL Ottawa bloggers at this moment writing about and/or snapping digital photos of their well-coiffed ding-a-lings and/or soft lady bits? (especially “and”)

  • I think it’s his chiseled features… and the way his fur glows in the sun (plus I have a soft spots for orange cats.. giant orange cats are even better)