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Breakfast beer and rabid goats

The Ottawa blogging community has been unusually quiet lately. I hope it’s just a summer slump and they’ll all be back in a couple of weeks making all kinds of noise and finishing their unfinished serialized stories and delivering their revolutionary new dating paradigms and stuff. Bogging’s just not the same without the full complement of bloggers at work.

In the meantime, I met up with the ever prolific and endlessly entertaining Urban Pedestrian for breakfast this morning and we were joined by special guests Julia and Peter. Did you know that Julia and Peter only have beer for breakfast? Yup. XUP and I had bacon and eggs and beer, except I got all the bacon because I’m not a vegetarian.

Peter told us about some hippies called the Phuxtables (sp?) who were around when he was growing up and you could hire them to do work and then they’d take some of the money you paid them and buy you a present with it. There were rabid goats in this story, and six tons of man-made clay. It was complicated. The rabid goats reminded me of Nik’s freaky film, How Satan Works.

After Julia and Peter wobbled off on their bicycle built for two, M came in. I hadn’t seen her for awhile, but she mentioned having spotted me on tv recently.

After breakfast XUP and I went to 10,000 Villages for a pee and then we went home.

In other news, I finally lost a game of Scramble on Facebook. Ember Swift beat me by six points. Needless to say, I am devastated. My winning streak has ended and my whining streak has begun. I hope you’ll bear with me.

13 comments to Breakfast beer and rabid goats

  • Yesterday me and the rest of the bloggers in this village hung out in my apartment drinking club soda’s with fresh raspberry juice, an awesome combination, while updating our photoblog ( Then, because it was kind of muggy, we all stripped down to our underwear and played Call Of Duty 4 until 1am… I don’t understand why I have to be the only blogger in my town.

  • Well there was no wobbling – we are pros on our tandem now! And you know they call beer a “barley sandwich” so don’t mock our early lunch. We’d already had breakfast.

    The Philoxians still exist, making beeswax candles among other things near Marlbank (north of Napanee). They are vegetarians too. I was going to apologize to XUP for going on about stuffing chicken breasts on the BBQ but then I realized you were eating bacon in front of her.

    Peter did your math things. I used to like math and I was good at it because I did it every day in math class in high school. But then in university I tried to learn calculus and discovered that my brain doesn’t work like the way they teach that stuff and that was a big disappointment because I think I could be quite good at those things if only someone with a brain like mine could teach me. Whew.

    It was fun to see you this morning!

  • Gabriel, I think you should come hang out with the Ottawa bloggers on the next cool dry day. 😉

    Julia, ha ha, I knew that reference to wobbling would elicit a reaction. Truth is, M came in just as you were leaving, so I was saying hello to her at precisely the moment you would have been sailing smoothly out of the parking lot. As for the calculus, don’t worry – I still haven’t found any practical use for it. (Which is good, because I have no idea what it is or how to do it.)

  • Even the political bloggers of Ottawa havebeen quiet of late (or quieter) of late.. but they at least have a good reason when the House isn’t sitting.

  • Vacations definitely reduce blogging volume, though I am sure the onset of winter will push things pack up in a few months.

  • How do you know Ember Swift? A friend of mine in Vancouver is a big fan.

  • Em

    I think I must be one of the most antisocial bloggers in Ottawa… I don’t think I’ve met any of you folks “irl”. Not that I know of, anyway.

    And at least it was Ember Swift who beat you. That’s a nice piece of trivia – I’m sure it will come in handy some day! :)

  • Bonnie

    has hell frozen over?? My sympathies on your scamble loss. I know first hand the competitive streak and skill you and your family have when it comes to scrabble. I beat Deb once in the 38+ years I’ve know her.

  • XUP

    Phuxtables – ha ha – wasn’t that a Bill Cosby show? I think your plan of starting an Ottawa Blogger Breakfast Club should begin immediately. That way people might have something to blog about. We will instantly infect each other with ideas and enthusiasm, just like what happened yesterday with you and Peter and the goats.

  • deb

    Zoom, you can let Bonnie know that I have a brand new Scrabble game waiting for her at the trailer next weekend. Sorry about your loss…didn’t realise that you were unbeaten or I would have tried harder.

  • “…I think you should come hang out with the Ottawa bloggers…”

    Speaking as the entire Lower Ottawa Valley Blogging Association, I look forward to attending an event where wearing pants is at least slightly more than optional.

  • Alicia

    Super-competitive scrabble player or not… There is no shame in loosing a word-game to a gifted song writer! Sorry to hear your winning streak is over though.

  • ahem – certain urbanites with rural routes and ruralites with urban flair also endorse the inclusion of the Ottawa Valley in the blogging community!