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Bittersweet: confessions of a twice-married man

I love reading books written by people I know, or by people who know people I know, or books set in places I know. I love catching glimpses of the familiar in the imaginary terrain, and I’m inspired by the sense of plausibility it give me about writing.

I was recently given a book by someone in the Ottawa blogging community. It was written by someone close to her. Even though I have never met the author of the book, I still feel that sense of connection, as in “This book was written by someone I almost know!”

Bittersweet: Confessions of a Twice-Married Man, by Philip Lee, is a true account of the author’s journey through the aftermath of his first marriage and beyond. It’s described as witty, warm, honest and hopeful – my kind of book. Here is the first line from the inside front flap: “Sometimes the life we’ve constructed needs to fall apart before we can begin to make something better.”

Bittersweet: confessions of a twice-married manI love the image on the front cover – morning light on slightly rumpled white bedding; a pillow recently vacated by a head. It makes me want to go to bed and cozy up with a good book.

It’s sitting on my coffee table right now, this book. I’ve read the back cover and the inside flaps and the quotes and the acknowledgments. Everything up to Page One and everything after The End. I’ve been putting off digging in till I have some time to savor it.

And now it’s time.

This weekend only, Bittersweet is available free of charge at Goose Lane Editions’ website, so we can all curl up on our couches and beds and read it together.

10 comments to Bittersweet: confessions of a twice-married man

  • XUP

    Oh boy, a free book. Shouldn’t I be feeling guilty for stealing this author’s work? Why are they giving it away for free?Maybe he needs a new agent?

  • I think the thinking is that if they give it away for free for a couple of days, a whole bunch of people will download it and start to read it. They’ll discover two things: 1) they love the book, and 2) they hate reading it on a screen. Then a bunch of them will go out and buy the book.

    I read a few chapters this morning: I LOVE the book.

  • XUP

    It DOES sound intriguing.

  • Oma

    That is the author reading I suggested for Thursday night … at Collected Works.

  • Have you read it yet Oma?

  • Oma

    No … may I borrow your copy?

  • Sure. But I’m reading it now and GC wants to read it when I’m done. You’ve still got a few hours left to download a copy if you want to read it now. (It’s really good.)

  • Jen Gilbert

    Best thing for y’all to do is go to the reading tonight and buy a copy! I’m buying one for me and one for someone I’m sure I’ll want to give it to.

  • Thanks Zoom for writing about the book. I did a reading last night at Collected Works bookstore in front of a supportive friends and family crowd. Now that it’s out there, I’m interested to hear what people think about the book. Don’t hesitate to send feedback. I’m hoping the book sparks a discussion about love and marriage.

  • Philip, thank you for writing the book. I’m enjoying it, and it’s making me think too.