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In case of zombies

break glassIt’s good to know the Ottawa Department of Public Worx has a zombie disaster plan. You can find out more about it on Slater Street, just east of Bank, exactly where the Last Supper took place. (It’s signed Elmaks on the side of the box; that’s also where the ODPW ID is located.)

While I was taking pictures of it (and it wasn’t easy because it was a sunny day, so I was catching a lot of reflection in the plexiglass), a man stopped and said, “You know, I’ve walked past here hundreds of times, maybe thousands, because I work just over in that building over there, and I never noticed this thing on the wall until I saw you taking a picture of it!”

I didn’t tell him it only went up a few days ago. I figure for a few days at least, he’ll be walking around with his eyes wide open, hoping to see what else he’s been missing. It’ll be good for him.


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