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Shana Tova!

Last night I celebrated Rosh Hashanah for the first time ever. There were candles and wine and some prayers, but mostly there was food. Lots of food. A veritable feast!

For starters: apple wedges dipped in honey. Much of the food is sweet for Rosh Hashanah because it’s the Jewish New Year and sweet food symbolizes a sweet year.

Then the wine was poured and the candles were lit and the prayers were said, and we had some challa bread sprinkled with salt and dipped in honey. Then we had matzo ball soup. After that, the main course was brought from the kitchen to the table.

I kept photographing the spread of food prematurely because I kept thinking GC was finished bringing it in. But he wasn’t. There was a steady flow of food from the kitchen to the table. There was a LOT of food.

Look at it all! There were only two of us eating this feast.

It was all yummy except for the gefilte fish in jellied broth; I have issues around fish and jellied anything. (Except Jello. I love red Jello.)

The spreadI don’t remember what everything was called but I’ll do my best. Starting on the left and going clockwise: bulgur and bowties (wonderful), baked apricot pudding (sweet and tasty – it could pass as a dessert but it’s not a dessert), beef brisket, challa bread, potato knishes, I-forget-what-it’s-called-but-it’s-got-pineapple-carrots-and-raisins-and-it’s delicious.

Telepathic beggar at work
GC’s dog watched politely from the edge of my chair while drooling profusely. He was optimistic that I might be the weak link in the food chain. (He was right.)

After dinner I passed out on the couch for awhile and when I woke up it was time for more food – Honey and Spice and Everything Nice Cake, served with coffee.

Today was a waddling sort of day.

Shana Tova!

15 comments to Shana Tova!

  • Jo

    Did GC cook all of that?! Holy yum!

  • He did! I think he bought the potato knishes but he cooked everything else. Holy yum is right.

  • Tom Sawyer

    Holy cow, I could live a year on all that food. But I wouldn’t; I’m too fussy. Gotta be low fat, high fibre, and cheap. (I never eat Jello. Try unflavoured gelatin and add your own fruit.)

  • wow that’s a lot of yummy food for two people

  • Wow! Most definitely a keeper!

  • Guy

    Happy Rosh Hashanah
    mmmmmm looks great

  • Wow, that’s a lot of food for two. Did Duncan get any? I mean, it’s only fair if the dog did you know. Ooo!, have Duncan and the Dog met? You might have said, but I can’t remember.

    GC is a keeper if he can cook like that!

  • Shana Tova!

    That dish you can’t remember might be tsimmis. It’s dee-lish.

  • GC will be pleased to learn the blogosphere thinks he’s a keeper. My dating philosophy has historically tended more towards the catch-and-release school of thought, but I agree with you, this one’s looking like a keeper. 😉

    Tom: I lived on Raisin Bran before I met GC.

    Nursemyra: We did our best, but we didn’t eat it all. A second sitting, attended by hungry young men, was scheduled for the following evening.

    Melinda: Poor Duncan was deprived and denied any opportunity to participate in the feast. Poor, hungry 20-pound Duncan. Duncan and the Dog have met, sort of, but not really because Duncan hid somewhere and didn’t come out for hours after the Dog left. I don’t think we’ll be trying that again anytime soon.

  • Stella -you’re right, it was called tsimmis! And you’re right, it was dee-lish!

  • GC

    Just wanted to extend thanks to your readers for their support and to wish them a Happy and Sweet New Year. The Dog and I conducted our own poll and agreed unanimously that you too are definitely a keeper. However on the matter of Duncan, one of us has to do a little more research before making a decision.

    We can’t eat like this everyday so it’s back to Raisin Bran and raspberries for a while but The Dog and I are looking forward to your World Famous Thanksgiving Turkey Soup.

    Other notes: bulgar and bowties is more commonly referred to as “kasha and bowties”; apricot pudding is “kugel”.

  • Kasha sounds much nicer than bulgar, doesn’t it? Bulgar sounds almost vulgar. (And kugel sounds kind of like kagel…)

  • Duncan

    Dogs drool, cats rule.

  • Happy new year! May I suggest, especially in light of the post that follows this one, that you add something green like broccoli to the feast? Mmm, broccoli.