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Celebrate your belly

One of the many things I like about belly dancing is that it’s rooted in such a strong community of women. I also like that every belly is considered sexy, regardless of its size or shape. If you need some help in the body image department, go sign up for belly dancing lessons.

Years ago I took belly dancing lessons and I danced at Uncle Louis’s Restaurant on graduation night. Last night GC and I just enjoyed the show at Uncle Louis’s. We ate Lebanese food, drank Italian wine, and made a film.

This morning, as I watched the video, I learned a very important film-making lesson that the rest of you probably already know. But I’ll share it with you anyway, just in case: Varying the portrait and landscape orientations works very well for photographs, but not so well for video.

Check it out:

4 comments to Celebrate your belly

  • grace

    This is so going on my list of things to do . . .

  • That reminds me Grace…what happens when your list of 1001 things to do in a 101 days gets full? Are you allowed to take something off to make room for something better?

  • grace

    Well . . . sometimes I put things on the list for the next-go-round and that is July 2010 for me. But a few times,if it was something that I thought would feed a burning desire or be really good for me, I just subbed in and moved something else to the next-go-round. I try to be thoughtful about moving things around but this is supposed to be life-affirming and not life-sucking.

  • I love this — belly dancing sounds so wonderful! (Pitty I find the belly dancer teacher in town to be a complete snot.)