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It hardly hurt at all

Thanks to Scott Tribe, who generously offered to upgrade my blog for me today, I’m now the proud owner of a WordPress 2.7 blog.

This upgrade wasn’t entirely glitch-free either, but it was infinitely more successful than the last one.

Scott and I connected through Skype during the upgrade – he talked and upgraded while I listened and typed.

Unfortunately, after the upgrade I could no longer log into my blog to edit it or add to it. Scott hadn’t run across this particular glitch before, and he felt bad that he couldn’t stick around and sort it out right away, but he had somewhere he had to be. He referred me to April Reign at Bread and Roses.

She quickly pinpointed the problem – the automatic installer plugin needed to be deleted. And then she found another little glitch in how my theme was displaying, and we fixed that too.

Then the bells rang and the angels sang and the birds flew out of the trees and landed on our outstretched hands and the sheep danced the dance of sheer jubilation. I wish you could have seen that. It was really something.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the new features yet, but I’m already thrilled with the upgrade. I can’t thank Scott and April enough. I want to bake them cakes and knit them mittens and send them kittens.

Speaking of kittens – in case you missed it the other day while my blog was lying all bloody and battered in the gutter, here’s a picture of Duncan on the first anniversary of our mutual adoption.


13 comments to It hardly hurt at all

  • grace

    Seems like only yesterday (when it was in fact last Christmas vacation) that I was driving my family crazy calling them to come look at ‘my’ new cat Fraser on the Humane Society web site. If he couldn’t be mine (and our already-bursting-at-the-seams pet family and condo rules prevent it) I’m so happy he’s yours!

    Nice upgrade 😉

  • ScottTribe

    So does this mean in gratitude you’ll post some more stuff about politics? :)

    Glad to be of help.. and thanks to Debra for picking me up.

    If you need any help with some of the plugins or features, please feel free to ask.

    Also, for you and some other folks I’ve seen on here with older versions of WordPress who are wondering about all the new stuff in 2.7, check out this link:

  • Arden

    So gorgeous. *sigh*

    I really should post my own ginger dog-cat in his gorgeousness to my own blog, so who have never met him in person can be as in love with him as people who meet him in real life are! (He has more friends than I do, I’m quite sure!)

  • Donna

    Nice to have you back blogging… change can be good they say.. personally, I am sick of change. Duncan’s picture… is amazing! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.

  • TechWood

    Great to hear you’re up to date on WP! Duncan looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo. You really should submit that picture somewhere – it’s one of the best cat pics I’ve seen. Our pets are camera shy, so we can rarely get a good shot of them.


  • freckles

    WOW!!! That is such a beautiful photo of Duncan! It could be blown up and framed or on the cover of cat fancy!

  • megabytes

    You should post him on He’d totally beat out all the other cats!!! Here’s a link to my cat’s posting: As you can see, he’s quite cute.

  • That’s a beautiful picture.

  • Duncan has such a sweet face, I just want to peek through the monitor and nuzzle him all up. Precious boy! Happy anniversary.

  • GC

    Duncan and I kept very quietly out of the way during the blog upgrade process, offering support and meows as needed. He’s my favourite pussy cat!
    PS. That new editing feature in WordPress is very cool!

  • “I want to bake them cakes and knit them mittens and send them kittens.”
    Love this line. Cadence and rhymes all at once.

    Congrats on getting it done. Computers are such a pain. Every new feature has its own set of complexities. The edge boundaries (you in this case) can never be fully tested. There *has* to be an easier way. I’ll work on it…

  • Grace, that was such a freaky coincidence that I adopted the very same cat you had your eye on. And not only that, but I’d had my eye on him on the Humane Society website that week too, but was urging Robin to adopt him!

    Scott – but the personal IS political. 😉

    Arden, post pictures! And get him an account on Catbook!

    Donna, thank you very much.

    And thank you too Techwood.

    Freckles, you too! Thanks!

    Megabytes, your kitten is beautiful. I would love to put Duncan on Kittenwars but I looked at the FAQ and they say they reject all adult cats’ pictures. I don’t think Duncan could pass as a kitten. :(

    Thanks Robin – that’s high praise coming from you. I hope you and Clint Eastwood enjoyed your one-year anniversary as well.

    Susan – thank you. :)

    GC – you poured wine and Duncan purred, both of which were very helpful during the dark days.

    Andrew – good luck with that.

    Lola – thank you. He really is a handsome puddin’head.